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10 Mind-Blowing Things to Expect at Justin Bieber’s Concert

From helicopters ferrying fans to the show to elaborate pyrotechnics, the Canadian pop star’s Mumbai debut may be the biggest production India has seen yet

Rolling Stone India
Rolling Stone India May 04, 2017
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Justin Bieber

A special ‘JB Pit’ will accommodate 350 fans who will be up close and personal with the pop star. Photo: Courtesy of the artist.

We’ve seen some of the biggest music festivals in the country sell several thousand tickets, but Justin Bieber might be getting ready to break those records soon enough. With approximately 65,000 fans preparing to pile up on a hot summer day for his exorbitantly priced gig next week in Mumbai, there is anticipation for a show that will make it all worth it. While Bieber’s tour rider revealed some crazy demands for the duration of the pop star’s trip to India, the prep for the big day seems even more extravagant. If you’re heading to DY Patil Stadium on May 10th for the show, here is a list of some of the things you might experience.

1. The show is set to be a visual spectacle and will feature a plethora of pyrotechnics, fireworks, confetti, lasers, graphics on big screens and gas bursts. In fact, the main stage alone will have 600 moving lights and 300 square meters of LED displays.

2. 10 cranes were used to cover the mammoth main stage which has been built with over 51 tonnes of equipment.

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3. The show will bring on a taskforce of over 1200 security personnel (many from London and Dubai) and will have a backstage crew of more than 100 people. There will be about 4000 employees in total working on the show.

4. There are also reports of up to 10 party buses for fans, each with an illusionist, standup comedian, karaoke sessions, games and more as they travel from Bandra, Andheri and Juhu to the stadium.

5. The VVIP tables will be 14 feet high to give fans a panoramic view of the show.

6. A special ‘JB Pit’ will accommodate 350 fans who will be up close and personal with the pop star. A lucky few will also be invited onstage during the show.

7. More intimate moments to look out for during the show include Bieber sitting down with an acoustic guitar to perform “Cold Water” and “Love Yourself” and his signature drum solo.

8. There will allegedly be a chopper service to ferry fans from Mahalakshmi to Navi Mumbai every 30 minutes, allowing them to skip traffic and reach the stadium in 15 minutes.

9. There will be seven fully equipped first aid rooms with 40 trained medical supervisors, while six ambulances will be available in case of any emergency.

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10. There will be a 50-window box office (a first in the history of live events in India) to avoid crowds at entry and exit points.

Here’s a full layout of D.Y. Patil stadium’s set up for the show:

Justin Bieber Layout (1)

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