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Pop Stuff: Tales of a Screen Junkie


A look into how films can captivate our soul and imprint a message that we may take forward in life

Diary of a Madman #9: The Lost Art of Shred Guitar

King Diamond is the frontman of both Mercyful Fate and the eponymous King Diamond. Photo: Cecil/Wikimedia Commons

“Guitar gods are the only gods who exist, in this world or in the next,” says Dr. Hex

Pop Stuff: The Snowden Effect

Edward Snowden. Photo: Freedom of the Press Foundation/CC BY 4.0

While he might not have a moonwalk that catapaulted him into the stratosphere, the specter of Edward Snowden’s leaks makes even Michael Jackson’s influence on pop culture seem insignificant

Remembering Fabric and the Underground Cultural Movement it Fostered


London’s landmark nightclub is shut. Possibly forever. But for producers and DJs drowning in the depths of their own self doubt and worth, it was a life raft

Pop Stuff: New News, Old Blueprints

In tuning in to a voice like Arnab Goswami on 'The Newshour Debate', we risk becoming passive players in our interaction with world events.

Are we spouting our own opinions or those of our favorite pundits; can we even tell the difference?

Diary of a Madman #2: Eccentric Concert Promoters

Riju Dasgupta. Photo courtesy Sagnik Kamarkar/Deadshotzine

Mad scientist Dr. Hex on the “idiosyncrasies of gig/festival organizers” in our metal special column

Pop Stuff: Brown Actors in White America

Priyanka Chopra as Alex Parrish in ABC's 'Quantico.' Photo:  David Eckelman/Flickr

Although Priyanka Chopra cuts an elegant figure on the Oscar stage and in Hollywood, the diversity debate has very little discussion outside black or white

Party in the Sky: Francis Albert Sinatra and Joe Williams

A44AG6 FRANK SINATRA US singer and actor

On this day, December 12th, two magnificent singers, Sinatra and Williams, share a birthday. Two voices, and such superlative ones being born on the same date must mean something for sure.

Dave Brubeck Appreciated

BDX054 DAVE BRUBECK - US jazz musician and band leader

Through the Fifties and Sixties, Brubeck popularized jazz in a big way among fringe audiences — college students, teeny boppers, pop music listeners and others

As Time Goes By

Ella Fitzgerald

Why does jazz defy the passage of time to still be contemporary and relevant?

‘Patti Cake$’ Star Siddharth Dhananjay Has Visa Problems, Too

‘Patti Cake$’ Star Siddharth Dhananjay Has Visa Problems, Too

The Indian-born actor is on the brink of breakout success...

Is Joey Bada$$ the New Face of Hip-Hop Revolution?

Is Joey Bada$$ the New Face of Hip-Hop Revolution?

The Brooklyn-born rapper’s sophomore album ‘All-Amerikkkan Bada$$’ could herald a...

Lucy Rose: ‘I Just Needed to Write Songs Naturally’

Lucy Rose: ‘I Just Needed to Write Songs Naturally’

The English singer-songwriter on her new album ‘Something’s Changing’ and playing...

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