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Bobby Pleasure to Embark on India Tour

The London-based producer will also launch a platform for Indian indie electronic artists with music promoters Wavlngth

Riddhi Chakraborty May 08, 2018
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 As the founder of the non-profit record label Needs Not-For-Profit, it’s no surprise that Bobby Connolly aka Bobby Pleasure’s India tour is all about giving back. Conceptualized as part of a collaboration with Mumbai promoters Wavlngth, the London-based producer plans on doing his part to give back to both artists and society with his upcoming dates in New Delhi, Mumbai and Pune.

Connolly’s India tour will signal the launch of #NeedsIndia, a music platform spearheaded by Needs Not-For-Profit and Wavlngth to promote emerging Indian indie electronic artists.”The idea was to create a musical platform for the country’s emerging electronic artists, as well as raise awareness and money for various worthwhile charities along the way,” Connelly explains. “To see it come together is a really beautiful thing and we’re really excited to watch it unfold.”

Titled NeedsIndia 001, the project’s first release will feature tracks from Mumbai’s Aqua Dominatrix, New Delhi producer FILM, Bengaluru-based artist Disco Puppet and will see the debut of  Pune-based electronica act Jinn Chatter. Staying true to the narrative Connolly founded Needs on, all profits from the EP will be donated to SheSays India, a charity which educates, rehabilitates and empowers women who have faced sexual or physical abuse.

Says Wavlngth founder Aneesha Kotwani, “What I really want to achieve as a music professional is not the tag of a promoter but that of an individual who is creating value in the field of her work, educating the audience, sharing her experiences and opening doors for mutual collaboration and exchange within the global electronic music industry.”

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In addition to performances by Connolly and the other artists, the Mumbai and New Delhi legs of the tour will feature production workshops, talks with influential figures from the Indian electronic music scene and representatives from SheSays.

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