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Catch New Delhi’s Best Artists on One Stage at Indie Art Week

Rock acts such as Them Clones, Begum, Peter Cat Recording Co. and more join the ongoing week-long music, theater, photography, visual arts showcase that’s running till March 19th

(from left) Karan Singh, Suryakant Sawhney, Kartik Pillai and Rohan Kulshreshtha. Photo: Courtesy of pcrc

Peter Cat Recording Co. – (from left) Karan Singh, Suryakant Sawhney, Kartik Pillai and Rohan Kulshreshtha. Photo: Courtesy of pcrc

When he’s not dishing out the psychedelic rhythm for New Delhi gypsy/waltz rock band Peter Cat Recording Co., bassist Rohan Kulshreshtha is very much part of the events scene in the national capital region with his company Rondog Entertainment, founded in 2011 to “make indie pay,” as he mentions in his bio.

Possibly his biggest initiative is the first edition of Indie Art Week, a gathering of visual artists, musicians, photographers, filmmakers and more, on till March 19th via seven different showcases at club venues, art galleries and warehouses across New Delhi. Kulshreshtha, the head curator of the event, said in a statement, “Indie Art Week is a multidisciplinary conglomeration of gifted individuals. Our features and showcases will take you through a whirlwind of independent works and we aim to be a destination for discovery, as far as multiple Indie art forms are concerned. We also aim to promote collaborative presentations.”

Indie Art Week launched on March 12th with artist and event management agency REProduce Artists lining up the likes of Mumbai producer Donn Bhat, Bengaluru drummer-producer Disco Puppet aka Shoumik Biswas, noise act SISTER aka Ruhail Kaizer, pianist Opus aka Sahil Vasudeva, electronica artist Profound aka Amandeep Singh Multani and more.

Fast forward to later this week, four warehouses will host live acts between March 16th and 19th. There’s the Grey Area live stage which features sets by seasoned artists from the capital, including Them Clones, Caesars of the Green, Peter Cat Recording Co. and Begum, alongside electronica artists such as Teddy Boy Kill, Tankbund and Haflong act Digital Suicide.

The Spotlight stage, which showcases performing arts with a nod towards music also includes Digital Suicide frontman Daniel Langthasa’s solo act Mr. India, experimental theater-music crossover Kuru Circus and Orchestra from Bengaluru and more. While the Optik Lounge will showcase visual artists, the Drone Den features collaborations between electronic music producers and visual artists, including PCRC/Begum guitarist Kartik Pillai’s Jamblu, vocalist Suryakant Sawhney’s Lifafa and electro-acoustic act Da Saz, among others.

Event details here. Tickets: Rs 500 (March 16th and 17th), Rs 1,000 (March 18th and 19th) and Rs 2,000 (season pass) available here.


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