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Cue and Scratch: DJ Schools In India

With a spate of DJ schools vying for your attention, we pick out the four that you should be investing in

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A gig at Sunburn 2008

 If there was ever a time to learn how to DJ, this would be it. With both audiences and DJs turning to all forms of dance music from progressive house to drumstep, the Indian electronica scene seems to have hit its peak. The past year has seen some of the biggest names in the international EDM scene taking centre stage inIndiaincluding the legendary Fat Boy Slim, queen house bee David Guetta and festivals such as Sunburn and Submerge Supernova that have hosted acts like Growling Mad Scientists, Roger Shah, Axwell and Avicii. We picked the four top DJ schools across the country. 


1.       ILM, Bengaluru and New Delhi

Set up in 2009 in Bengaluru, I Love Music Acadamey (ILM) is the brainchild of Nakul Vagale and Sean de Souza. Nakul’s 
brother Arjun, is part of eclectic EDM outfit Jalebee Cartel in Delhi, who recently opened a branch in New Delhi as well. A hands-on school, ILM teaches the basics of analogue turntables to aspiring DJs. As a startup offer in Delhi, they are currently offering scholarships to students applying for the three-month Pro-DJ course worth Rs 35,000. Other courses being offered include Electronic Music Production and Audio Engineering, which run into a span of four months each. If you want to learn techno and breakbeat, there’s no place better than to learn from Vagale. 

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Go to the ILM website here


2.       DJ Nasha’s Workstation, Mumbai and New Delhi

Based in Andheri in Mumbai and in Noida, New Delhi, Ritesh D’Souza or DJ Nasha as he is known, has been conducting DJing courses since 2002. Who better to teach you the best way spin the decks than the master of experimentation himself. One of the oldest DJ schools in the city, D’ Souza has hired a team of trainers made of up former students and professionals, to conducting courses at the Workstation. You can choose from their DJing course and Electronic Music Production courses, which range from Rs 20,000 to Rs 45,000 depending on the duration and syllabus. From commercial house to drum ‘n’ bass, you can be sure D’Souza will make you cue them all.

For information on the Workstation, visit the website here


3.       Jazzy Joe’s DJ Zone, Delhi

Delhi’s oldest club DJ, Jazzy Joe was spinning the decks in party halls, discotheques and bars when most of us were still in school. The oft dreadlocked Joe, is the man you went to if you wanted to hear techno, Goa trance, big beat or even drum ‘n’ bass. Joe started his DJ training school way back in 1997 and takes students through extensive theory and practical sessions before declaring them as DJs. He’s probably the only one who’ll tell you the difference between Goa trance and psychedelic trance. Course ranges from Rs 15,000 to Rs 60,000.

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Go to Jazzy Joe’s DJ Zone here 


4.       Skratch Lab DJ School, Chennai

Run by Chennai’s party fixer, DJ Kave, the school is about a year old and is already gaining ground in the city. Having played with the likes of AR Rahman and Blaaze, DJ Kave places prime importance on showmanship with live scratching and turntable stunts. DJ Kave prides himself in not just teaching technique, but also the art of presentation. His students learn the basics of sound along with scratching, beat juggling and video DJ mixing.

You can visit the Skratch Lab DJ School Facebook page here 

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  1. D Judexv May 18, 2012

     Skratch Lab !!! Awesome !!!!!!!

  2. Yankur16 May 20, 2012

    Skratchlab is indeed very good

  3. Btayeng May 21, 2012

    i luv skratchlab…..:)

  4. D.j. Taur June 3, 2012

    i lyk da 
    skratchlab dj school

  5. Guest August 8, 2012

    Does anyone know how many DJ schools there are in India?  And are most of them in New Delhi/Delhi?

  6. Perfume Bee March 11, 2013

    I am hearing about special schools for DJ training for the very first time. Which one is the famous amongst the listed schools?

  7. Dj Academy August 28, 2014

    under which category one selects a Dj school as best ? Scratching ? technical skills ? Run by famous Dj’s ? some one doing it as a freelancer ? catering to students in one direction ? learning only analog dj’ing by looking at the BPM ? missing the digital Dj part ? Most of the such institutes just ripping off students by charging them what ever they feel like , none has a proper fee structure , Most of the students dont have any knowledge about Dj controllers and some dont even know the difference between a cd player and a Dj midi controller .


    Where students get to learn Both analog & Digital Dj’ing in one single course , fee structure is same for all the students. Learn at Dj academy and also get the same classes in our website ( only for students ) . Students can ask any questions online in our website and we will promptly answers all those questions.

    Kind request to all other institutes , Do not provide false promises to students who come to you thinking they can make a comfortable living out of Dj’ing with out having any passion for music or not know how to count 4/4.

    Educate them and know their requirements and advice them whats good for them. This is something relates to passion and when you don’t have a passion for music its quite difficult to learn the skills.



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