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A Reality Tour ISO/Columbia [Three and a half stars]


It’s been seven years since the Thin White Duke’s most recent studio LP – his longest hiatus to date – and he hasn’t stepped onto a stage since 2006. This document of his last major tour is a reminder of what we’re missing: In this 2003 Dublin concert, he runs wild through his songbook with his toughest live band ever, from undeniable crowd-killers (‘Rebel Rebel’) to cult faves (‘Fantastic Voyage’). ‘The Loneliest Guy,’ an underrated ballad from Reality, takes on a whole new resonance alongside classics like ‘Heroes’ and ‘Life on Mars?’ Nobody really knows if Bowie is hanging up the spacesuit for good, since the man has been periodically announcing his retirement since 1973. But if so, this is one hell of an exit.

Key Tracks: ‘The Loneliest Guy,’ ‘Heroes’


"Wasting Away" by BLEK

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