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Delhi duo Shadow and Light to Release New Album This Month

The classical-contemporary act’s second album Elements features both Hindi and English compositions

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Known for combining Hindustani classical with jazz and pop, Pavithra Chari [vocals] and Anindo Bose [arrangement] bring back their signature style with their sophomore album Elements. A melting pot of various genres, the album features songs in both Hindi and English. And this time, the duo have also sprinkled a bit of R&B on some compositions.

Shadow and Light, which was formed in 2012, considers Elements to be more focused than their first self-titled album which released in 2014. “We’ve taken a very different direction with it,” Chari says of Elements, adding, “We’re older, more mature in our songwriting, so there are a lot of differences from Shadow and Light.” Lyrically, Chari says the band has come out of its shell, taking a more ‘romantic’ route with Elements instead of the feelings of anguish and pain that were heard on Shadow and Light.

Featuring songs about the rain [“Baras”], pursuing of dreams [“Broken Boundaries”] and happiness [“Elements”], Chari feels the album is richer and bolder than the first, saying, “It’s filled with so many little layers and subtle genre shifts.”

Shadow and Light will be launching Elements on February 27th 2016 at Unplugged Courtyard, Connaught Place, New Delhi and on March 2nd at Humming Tree in Bengaluru. You can listen to the album here.


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