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Dossers Urge: ‘We are Ready’

The Guwahati rockers prep for recording their next EP at Converse Studios, New York, post their win at a nationwide bandhunt

Dosser's Urge. Photo courtesy of the band.

Dosser’s Urge. Photo courtesy of the band.

The last one month has been an exciting time for the Kom family in Guwahati, Assam. The phone hasn’t stopped ringing and the house has been teeming with relatives and friends. The sibling trio of David [vocals, guitars], Gideon [drums] and Romeo [bass, vocals] who make up the rock band Dossers Urge, have won a big ticket to record their songs at the Converse Studios in New York. Dossers Urge beat four other bands from across India – Unohu [Mumbai], Komorebi [Delhi], Space Is All We Have [Bengaluru] and Skylight Vision [Pune] at the nationwide talent contest Road to Converse Rubber Tracks to clinch the deal. “We have been celebrating non-stop. We have so many relatives and everyone’s coming over. Now we just hope that festival and venues call us to play,” says David.

Even as they finish the paperwork for their upcoming visit to record their next EP at the Converse Studios in New York, Dossers Urge feel that people still need to know of them in India. And the only way for that to happen for a North East band is to play as many cities across India. Says David, “A lot of bands from back home don’t play outside of the North East but we are trying our best to travel everywhere. We are ready.”

The win has definitely boosted the band’s confidence in their music. If all goes according to plan, they are aiming to record as many as five to six tracks at their New York stint. “I spoke with the guys at The F16s [past winners of the contest] and they got three days of recording time. I feel we should be able to finish recording the entire EP.” David is also hoping to stay back in the US [“even if I have to couch-surf!’] to meet with producers and check out shows. “Once we come back home, we really want to play big venues and open-air festivals,” he says.


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