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Evanescence – Evanescence

★★1/2 Wind-up Dark-rock princess returns without enough fresh ideas


Allow Amy Lee to reintroduce herself: “Remember me? I’m everything you can’t control,” the singer coos on ‘What You Want,’ the pummelling but pretty first single off Evanscence’s third album and first in five years. Ever since Lee and Ben Moody, the furry-chinned guy who co-wrote the band’s chart-topping first disc, publicly broke from the Christian-rock scene that helped launch them, Lee has gone her own way. She remains one of hard rock’s leading ladies. But here, the sometimes syrupy mix of piano, guitar and strings feels more like a formula than a genuine catharsis, especially because there’s nothing as saucy as the last album’s hit, ‘Call Me When You’re Sober.’


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