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Exclusive Premiere: Chaos Stage Epic Battle on ‘All Against All’

The Kerala thrash metallers set up camp in Kannur for the music video to their upcoming second album’s bruising title track


Over three days on an empty farm plot in Kannur, Kerala thrash metallers Chaos waged war for their latest music video, the title track off their second album All Against All. They gathered about a 100 metalheads to camp out and be a part of the gruesome muddy battle that depicts the no-holds-barred sonic aggression of “All Against All.”

Directed by Mithun Raj aka Munz, frontman of folk/groove metallers The Down Troddence, the video came about from all the time Munz spent hanging out with Chaos guitarist Nikhil N.R., who lived in the same locality. Munz joked at the video screening event held yesterday, “Every time I went to their house to chill, I raised the budget.” Nikhil added, “Every time he came around, he’d come up with a better idea. He sold the whole thing to me and the band.”

The video runs with a symbolic preface of how certain forces – religion, politics or just people – incite violence and conflict. In the muddy melee and flying bodies, Chaos are playing their song out. There’s even a scene where vocalist Jayakrishnan S aka Jaaga is caught in between. Munz recalls the vocalist asking for a cut during a take to say, “Don’t just hit the vocalist, everyone else is there behind me too!” Nikhil adds, “I told everyone to get nowhere close to my guitar. JK’s an easy target, dude.”

All Against All, in the works since mid-2015, is recorded, mixed and mastered by New Delhi producer-guitarist Keshav Dhar, who was also part of Chaos’ debut album Violent Redemption, which released in 2012.



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