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Exclusive Stream: Hear Cosmic Attic’s Banging New Single ‘Fake Massage’

Bengaluru-based producer-vocalist Sharath Narayan is on double duty this week, as he launches his new single and performs with his dream-pop/indie band Black Letters

Cosmic Attic aka Sharath Narayan. Photo: Harsimran Basra

Cosmic Attic aka Sharath Narayan. Photo: Harsimran Basra

Between September and October this year, producer Sharath Narayan aka Cosmic Attic took part in the experimental residency program called KYTA, staying in the Himalayan village of Kalga for 40 days to craft his own workshop and of course, make some music.

Narayan, frontman of dream pop/indie rock band Black Letters, says he enjoyed his stay, despite the fact that there was barely any electricity – something we imagine most electronic music producers live by. He says, “I loved being at the place, it was beautiful. There was no electricity on most days and that forced me to spend most of my time with the place and the people around, including the artists. That is unusual for me because otherwise, I’d just lock myself inside the room and listen or make music.”

It’s fair to say Narayan has had a year of exploration – from KYTA to moving to Mumbai and playing a number of the REProduce Listening Room shows in New Delhi, Pune and Mumbai to releasing his solid debut EP Climb in May and now, moving back to Bengaluru. Before the year closes, KYTA led him to craft a hip-hop-leaning, bass-line grooving new song called “Fake Massage.” Unlike songs on Climb, this is Narayan as the producer and not as the vocalist at the front. He says, “I didn’t see my voice fitting anywhere in this track, not that I wanted it to. It was obvious as soon as I finished a rough sketch. Most of my new stuff doesn’t have vocals in it.”

Narayan will perform the track at his show on December 24th at Bflat, Bengaluru, opening for Black Letters. It’s a first for Narayan, who’ll be on stage all night. He says, “It’s fun. The boys [Black Letters] like my stuff, so they will be cheering for me all the way. Hope I don’t receive requests to sing Christmas carols, though.”

Listen to “Fake Massage.” Artwork by Noopur Choksi.


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