Q&A: Rick Ross

Rick Ross
Photo Credit: Prince Williams/Filmmagic/Getty Images

On weed, women, his “classic” new album and his escape plan if Miami sinks

Reuben Bhattacharya’s Cover Art: An Iconic Figure

(click for high-resolution view)

The bassist of Delhi groove metal band Undying Inc. and visual artist draws one of the greatest actors for the Cover As Art project

Prashant Miranda’s Cover Art: Tickling The Ivory

(click for high-resolution view)

The artist, animator and scribe who previously contributed artwork for singer Suraj Mani’s debut solo album ‘The Tattva Trip’ describes the elephant as a totem

E. Suresh’s Cover Art : The Story Behind the ‘Ravanhatta’

E Suresh

The ad film producer and graphic designer illustrates India’s rich tradition of classical music in the Ravanhatta

Kamal Singh’s Cover Art: The Super Awesome Underground Party

coverasart hfb

The Hoirong frontman and visual artist’s illustration makes it to the cover

Q&A: Wolfmother


The Australian rock band’s frontman and founding member Andrew Stockdale talks about their three-city India tour and the upcoming third album

Undying Inc To Release New EP, Plan A New Album For 2014

Undying Inc will perform at Control Alt Delete's first metal edition in June. Photo: Shalaka Pai

The Delhi technical metal band on overcoming lineup instability and why American groove metallers Pantera are major influences

Scribe Pen Their Own Tribute To Bollywood’s Favorite Villain

Scribe hfb

The Mumbai hardcore band’s third album, ‘Hail Mogambo’, has been in the making for three years

Architects Debut In India

Architects will release their sixth album this year. Photo: Tom Barnes

The British metalcore band’s drummer Dan Searle on breaking through in America and crowdfunding a live documentary

Bengaluru Leg Of JD Rock Awards Best Emerging Band Gig Kicks Off This Week

Bengaluru post rock band Until We Last.

Until We last, Machine Era, Black Letters and Sean Roldan & Friends perform to snag a nomination in the category

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