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Gang Gang Dance

Eye Contact

Jonah Weiner May 31, 2011
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Hard techno stabs, soft-rock piano, polyrhythmic dance-floor clatter, steel-drum solos, New Age-y samples of burbling water: In Gang Gang Dance’s search for bliss, all kinds of unlikely musical bedfellows hop into the sack. These New York avant-gardists emerged from the same early-2000s noise stew as Animal Collective, and like that band, they’ve moved gradually from hallucinogenic freakouts to tighter song form. Singer Lizzi Bougatsos weaves riddles of devotion (‘Adult Goth’) and recites nursery rhymes with demonic glee (‘MindKilla’). The music’s hard to classify, but one word might sum it up: ecstatic.

Key Tracks: ‘Adult Goth,’ ‘MindKilla’

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