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Gingerfeet Set to Release New Single “Empty Spaces”

The Kolkata experimental funk rockers perform in Hyderabad and Bengaluru this week

Kolkata funk rock band Gingerfeet

Kolkata funk rock band Gingerfeet

Winning the Hornbill Rock Contest, cutting their debut album and touring eastern India have all been part of Kolkata funk rock band Gingerfeet’s plan since the band formed in 2012, but now they’re aiming to woo a whole new audience. The five-member band are now set to make inroads into South India and retool their sound with a new single, “Empty Spaces.” Says drummer Abhinandan Mukherjee, “It has an alternative/post rock-ish touch to it, which gives the song nice depth and subtlety.”

Mukherjee definitely counts their Weekender set as one of the highlights of 2014, but is looking forward to return to Hyderabad this week. One of the band’s earliest shows outside of Kolkata was at Hard Rock Café, Hyderabad, where the band performed as part of the competition Hard Rock Rising in 2013. Says the drummer about returning to Hyderabad, “Hyderabad is a hotspot for Gingerfeet. We have had two gigs before at Hard Rock Cafe and the response we got insane. They have been trying to program us for a while now and we are glad that we are finally on the bill, so we are excited.”

Following the Hyderabad show, Gingerfeet make their debut in Bengaluru at B-Flat, where Mukherjee is hoping they can establish a good fanbase as well. “It’s an important gig for us and we sincerely hope to give Bangalore a memorable debut,” says the drummer. While the band had a Chennai gig also confirmed, the drummer claims the venue, the Moon and Sixpence, backed out five days before the show.

Following the two shows in Hyderabad and Bengaluru, Gingerfeet will head into the studio to record “Empty Spaces” and are in talks to work with producer Miti Adhikari, who has previously worked with pop rock band The Ganesh Talkies and rock band The Supersonics, among others. Says Mukherjee about the song, which they’ll be premiering live at their upcoming shows, “People who have heard [debut album] High and Above will definitely experience a slightly different sound.”

Gingerfeet Tour Down South

January 15th – Hard Rock Café, Hyderabad

January 16th – B-Flat, Bengaluru


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