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Hear M.I.A.’s Surprise New Song ‘Can See Can Do’

Rapper also hints that the follow-up to 2013's 'Matangi' could arrive this summer

Photo: Janette Beckman/Courtesy FreeSpirit Music

Photo: Janette Beckman/Courtesy FreeSpirit Music

M.I.A. didn’t release any new music last year, but it appears she’s getting ready to follow-up her 2013 album Matangi. The rapper hit up her Twitter this morning to alert fans that she would be unveiling a new song titled “All My People” within a half-hour. “I refuse to be boxed back in time, blk/white/multicolr do right,” M.I.A. tweeted. However, soon after, she changed course and decided she would “release ‘All My People’ when all my people are ready.” M.I.A. instead then posted a new track “Can See Can Do” on her SoundCloud:

The rapper didn’t provide much details regarding “Can See Can Do,” which – despite its big Matangi-style beat – sounds unmixed and unfinished. “Some people see planes / some people see drones / Some people see a do and some people see a don’t / Can see can do / Can we get past history?/ Wanna make a future with you,” M.I.A. sings on the track, which was accompanied by the SoundCloud description, “DEMOCRACY CONVERSATIONS ! TAMILS ARE STILL WAITING! AND NO MY BEATS ARE NOT BETTER WITHOUT MY POLITICX”

“Can See Can Do” is Maya Arulpragasam’s first new solo track since 2013 – she did feature on the Partysquad’s “Gold” last year – but as she alerted her fans on Twitter, more is on the way. “To my hardcore fans hang in there summer is coming,” she wrote, suggesting that the follow-up to Matangi, one of Rolling Stone‘s Best Albums of 2013 and her first LP since leaving Roc Nation, could arrive later this year.


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