Shadow and Light: Finding Balance

Shadow and Light by Steve Peter

The New Delhi-based fusion duo talk about complexities of blending genres, working with Karsh Kale and the mental block people have when it comes to Hindustani classical

Rounak Maiti’s Postmodern Cowboy Music

Rounak Maiti channels the perpetually supine Mac DeMarco on his debut. Photo: Hannah Erskine

The L.A. singer-songwriter channels his confusion around ideas of home and identity into his debut album, ‘Bengali Cowboy’

HVOB: ‘We’re Not a Fake Live Act’

Paul Wallner (left) and Anna Muller (center) always play live shows with a real drummer. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Austrian house duo Anna Müller and Paul Wallner on keeping it real and collaborating with Winston Marshall of Mumford & Sons on their latest album

Guitarist Bhrigu Sahni Weaves an Acoustic Soliloquy on New Album

Bhrigu Sahni wants to make his music as true to the spirit of his album as possible. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

The Berklee graduate takes his debut ‘What Is Now’ on tour in India and America with the aim of making you look up from your cellphone

Why Jlin’s ‘Black Origami’ Will Probably Make All the Best Albums of 2017 Lists

Jerrylin Patton makes heady, frantic electronic music as Jlin. Photo: Madhumita Nandi

The American producer’s electronic music makes your mind melt and your feet work

The Micronaut: ‘Can’t Wait to See How the Audience is Going to React to This’


Ahead of his four-city tour of India, German producer Stefan Streck talks about his new album, touring with OX7GEN and the future of electronic music here

Bhayanak Maut’s Love Letter to Amsterdam

Bhatanak Maut 1

The Mumbai metallers talk about recording a new set of songs that are inspired from peanut butter, the munchies and more

Ferry Corsten: ‘People are Done with the Simple Beats’

Ferry Corsten_Courtesy of the artist

The Dutch trance artist on his full-length concept album,
and why it’s time for audiences to move over EDM and
explore new genres

The Hills Are Alive on Worms’ Cottage’s Stunning New Folk-Electronic EP

23-year-old Rishabh Iyer makes rich, warm music as Worms' Cottage. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Bengaluru musican Rishabh Iyer transports you to faraway lands on the four-track ‘To Each Their Own’

Kaneez Surka: ‘Everyone Defines Me as a ‘Female Comedian’; No One Really Sees Me as an Improv Artist’

Kaneez Surka

The Internet’s favorite funny person on why we need to stop labeling women artists

Editor’s Pick: “Mighty Horns” by Nasha

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