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Korn Confirms India Tour

The alternative metal band will play Mumbai, Gurgaon and Bengaluru in September




Last week, we reported  on how Korn drummer Ray Luzier had hinted at possible shows in the country in September. The American alternative metal band have now confirmed that they will play three dates inIndia in September. Vocalist and frontman Jonathan Davis, speaking exclusively with ROLLING STONE India, had this to say about their first visit to the country:

“We are so excited to be heading to India for the first time.  It’s an incredible country with such a rich history, and we just can’t wait to perform there for the first time ever as Korn. We see so many fans on Facebook from India, and I’ve personally heard how crazy Indian fans are.  All I can say is that come September, IT’S ON!”

The band will play three cities – Gurgaon on September 5th, Mumbai on September 7th and Bengaluru on September 9th – with the venues still to be announced.

Karamjeet Singh, Senior Vice President, Mooz Entertainment, the company that is promoting the tour, said:

“We are living in exciting times where we are able to connect with the world, in a very up close way whenever we want, and MOOZ is translating this viability into music too. Starting up with Korn, we hope to be bringing some very edgy international acts through, for the very aware Indian audiences.  Music lovers can look forward to a world quality concert experience, starting with Korn this September”

Korn released their contentious 10th studio album The Path of Totality in December 2011 that saw the band collaborate with numerous dubstep producers including Skrillex, Noisia and Excision. Watch the video for “Get Up” here:


  • Slay Em All

    Mooz Entertainment? Never heard of em.. hope they will be able to pull it off. Not a Korn fan, still will attend for old times sake..

    • Ram

      If you’re not a fan, then what “old times” u talking about?

      • Slay Em All

        kk..I skipped the word “anymore”.   Issues was my last Korn album. Just       youtubed the latest album.  Guess I wont be attending Korn at all.

  • Abhishekgaur2000

    @delhiites – Forget Gurgaon… Book tickets for Banglore

    • Vidyut

      Oh no!! pls…. you mofos stay in delhi and ruin THAT show…. no need to come and ruin our show  in Blore with your ruffian-like behaviour. 

      And no – i don’t know, and don’t care who your father is!!

      • Anger.Inc

        You fxckin idiots lol Delhi is definitely more BRUTAL than you gay wobbly heads you have already seen our brutality when Metallica cancelled their gig WE ARE METAL HEADS we are extremists  what do you expect? OBVIOUSLY we are violent  we are not mundanes like you jack offs. 

        If you are a peace loving hippy sheep then metal is not for you son, sit at home and watch Indian idol dont even think about coming to Delhi cause you parents are definitely gonna lose their son in Delhi’s mosh pit.

        • Maggot

          Obviously we are violent! wahahahaha! what a loser! probably just hit pubetry…..

          Well whatever makes you happy man! stay violent and we’ll enjoy the gigs in headbangalore……

          P.S: dude if you are so violent then join wrestling man!

          • K Sunandan


          • Anger.Inc

            I’m not interested in wresting but yea i bet i’d knock ur gay ass in one box .  Stay in Gaygalore ,shake ur pantie waist  like Silk smitha when they play headbanging mosh music you softcore   limp dick nancy. 

          • Maggot

            Lol…..you’ve definitely just hit puberty…..well you stay in delhi and break stuff man…..you need some weed to calm  down…..

          • Anger.Inc

            puberty? ha!  just because you behaved like a man only when you were going through your puberty and been a gullible  nancy  your entire life doesnt mean everyone are like you . Pretty sure you got lady parts and vomit when you see blood or gore .. continue advertising your transexuality   on world wide web i have already owned your ass.

          • kartik

            honestly, while i agree with the “being a violent metal head” bit, it was slightly embarrassing to see a band desert the city like that. be violent man, but try and make the most out of it. at the end of the day, the gig WAS canned, lets try and not repeat that, whichever city it is… we want them here, lets hear their music live till our heads fall off…just saying… 

          • Anger Inc

            you really cant blame us 30 years and 7 hours they tested our patience and had to face the consequences.

          • Anger.Inc

            and since when metal was about staying calm  fucking gullible nancy . Seriously what are you doing in metal world? fucking poser stay at home and listen to Bolllywood music poop dick .

          • TDJ

             @4c07736348b8212a20bc3fd2e6195973:disqus  : looks like you haven’t got any other word to say than just “just hit puberty”. are you fucking retarded? I’m neither a delhiite, nor a bangalorian. but one thing I definitely know that you people are super poseurs! the way you guyz ruined the LOG gig, you can look over at the videos on youtube. Just look at the comments the foreigners have made. At least the metallica show was way too better than the LOG gig, not musically, (because they are the masters – no matter if you bang your head and bleed or just run around throwing your shit, they’re gonna play like GODs. they never miss their duty, but you guyz do.) but from the crowd support. Even the BOA (Bangalore Open Air) which featured Kreator, was considered a fail! Just because of the crowd. I’ll definitely prefer Gurgaon over B’lore for KoRn! still, no hard feelings, no enemity, no bad blood for you @Maggot bro. Metal unites us; it doesn’t divide us. 🙂

             @61c979b2d26016db61c26f179fbd1105:disqus  : hope to see you there bro! 🙂

          • Anger.Inc

            See you in the pit bro m/ 

      • Sshil

        Fuck off..not all delhiites are that way…if one of you is a serial rapist…should i start calling you all rapists?

        • Roymahone1988

          Lol galeej gurus opening for Korn in Bangalore, cannot get more gay, i myself m from bangalore but i am sure they could ve found a band that was less sucky and gay to open for korn

    • ullchokeonmydick

      plz dont come 2 bangalore…….u motherfuckers jst dont stand achance in our mosh

  • Eklavya

    I wanna know who is managing the event. Is Mooz  just promoting? or are they the mgmt co. too? I hope they dont do some shitty cost cutting and ruin the experience for the audience. Went to Yas Arena for Metallica and Madonna and the mgmt there is ridiculously better than ANY show in India. Only NH7 has come close to that. 
    I hope the event mgmt guys are not the same idiots that did Metallica in India. 

    • Retenanand

      Mooz is not only the promoters but also the event managment company. They will do a fist class job. I know the people envolved, they are pros.

      • vickeysingh

         Do you know what would be the ticket price like ?

        • Anger.Inc

          I am guessing around 1500-3200 

        • Vsvabtron

          where in mumbai?

  • chimera

    i DID NOT know abt the korn and skrillex collab. pls tell me they’ll not play this new shit and stick to the original korn we all headbanged to..i dont want a concert with sirens and farting bass..

  • Jonathandavis

    No ruffian delhites please….dont spoil our show in bangalore !!!!! 

  • vickeysingh

    Do you know what would be the ticket price like ?”

    • korn world

      its 17000 for vip(not sure about the class)
      2600 and 1600 for general 🙂 see you in bangalore

  • 666MAN


  • m/

    People like you in our country, make it more disgusted in metal scene. Its Music, we are brothers of Metal.. Support, respect and Be united!! m/

    • Narcissistic

      Yea, thats the spirit mate.

  • kokochara

    i’m from Delhi… but i’m goin to bangalore for Korn. Delhiites SUCKS!!!.

    • Anger.inc

      nice try b’lore faggot nice try

  • kokochara

    KORN !!! see u in bangalore. YEAAHHHHH….m/

  • awesomeshitison

    m a delhiite, and i cant wait for KoRn to come. but i would have prefered Banglore over Gurgaon!!! KoRn sucks without Head

  • Abc

    i love back street boys…

  • Metalhead

    i don’t know why people still think that Metallica concert was cancelled
    because of the crowd. It was cancelled because of poor management and
    the reaction of the crowd was more than justified.

    It’s a freaking metal show not a religious concert. People are gonna
    revolt in a metal show if they are treated as shit. If anyone thinks,
    what happened in Delhi was wrong, and the action of the crowd was
    unjustified, well you are not a metal head and you have never understood
    the true meaning of metal and why it came into being.

    • Narcissistic

      Yea. That’s true. I was there. And the crowd went berserk after the show was called off. So all the guys blaming us for the cancelled show, get your facts right. 

  • Ankoor

    I live in Delhi… and i feel, Delhi is more of a Honey Sing head than a metal head for sure..

    • Aaloo

      Honey Singh is bad ass! Ain’t he? Can whoop these pony tail wearing motherfuckers ass any day.

  • Infinitetone

    where is the old drummer?
    like Wtf happened to him?

    • hailmetal

      He is not playing for Korn anymore. He is currently running a restaurant business in OZ or New zealand (not sure)..but one things for sure, that he is not turning back ..
      anyway, so excited to be there(bangalore) and i really hope that they’re gonna play some old stuff(freak on a leash, and possibly everything from their old album), the new one is completely waste of their time and ours..

  • b’lore rocks

    Korn Concert in Delhi to be with sub titles since the del chuts only understand hindi….move out of the shell boys n fuck who ur dad is….

    • Aaloo

      ppl in b’lore go off to sleep by 8pm

  • Nilotpal

    Hey u all proud Banglorians…..!!! Dnt blame delhi crowd for d Metallica concert without knowing facts…. Show was cancelled due to poor mgt. of DNA networks…Metallica didn’t like d preparations….and d crowd got angry only fter d show was announced postponed…..I not from Delhi nor Banglore…But I’ve stayed in both places for a while….And I can Confidently say that Delhi’s Crowd is way way better spectators and listeners….Just bcoz Pop and bollywood is popular in Delhi doesn’t mean that Delhi has poor Metal Scene……!!!!! Infact its way better….!!! Dnt write stupid bout any place if u’ve no idea bout it……!!!!!!!

    • Anger.inc

      lol bro all these southern kallus have always been jealous of North Indians so they dont miss a single chance to bitch about Delhi or North India in general you cant blame them .

      • Aaloo

        That’s so fucking true man!

  • Manu Manson

    Why you all guys fighting ??? Peace out and enjoy the concert !!! MManson

    • Anger.inc

      manu are you from mopilot by any chance 😀

  • Aaloo

    See how these so called metalheads from bangalore love to bitch about. Listening to rock music doesn’t make you a man enough.

  • Aaloo

    Bangalore ain’t the place for nu/rap metal anyhow

  • soloraj

    so what happened to “Head” Brian Welch – Here he is –

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