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Kumail Launches ‘From You to Blue’ EP with New Live Set

The Mumbai producer's show tonight will feature Nathan Thomas on bass, Apurv Isaac aka Lala on guitar and sets by Sandunes and EZ Riser

Slow-paced and slightly melancholic, From you to blue provides a glimpse into Kumail's life. Photo: Courtesy of Knowmad Records

Slow-paced and slightly melancholic, From you to blue provides a glimpse into Kumail’s life. Photo: Courtesy of Knowmad Records

In November last year, Mumbai producer Kumail Hamid ventured into new spaces with his single “Bottom Feeder,” introducing elements of hip-hop and funk over his signature dreamy synth lines. On his new EP From you to blue, it’s clear he’s not done experimenting; while he retains his newfound sound, the producer adds doses of blues and lo-fi. Slow-paced and slightly melancholic, From you to blue sets itself apart from his debut album (2016’s Links) by adding depth and providing a glance into the producer’s life.

“The first track, the intro I made, was actually when I had broken up with my girlfriend,” reveals Hamid. “(From you to blue) is about everything you feel around a break up — It’s kind of like the downfall of a relationship.” From you to blue, released via Knowmad Records cruises through vulnerability and strength; “Blue you” is a slow ballad littered with bluesy guitar while “Versions” picks up the pace with faster beats and vocals. In fact, the immediate standout point of From you to blue is the unexpectedly generous presence of Hamid’s deep vocals.

“I thought it was about time I started exploring my voice,” says the producer. Every track features an echoing, smattering of verses, providing an effect similar to listening to a voice in a dream and it’s the first time he’ll be doing it all live. “I’m very nervous about it,” Hamid says with a laugh. “I’m just waiting for the show to get over, honestly!” He adds that he will also be playing the drums live for the first time at his launch show at Antisocial, Mumbai since he started learning last year and the entire set will be very different from what audiences have seen from him so far.

“It actually doesn’t sound very much like the EP,” he explains, adding that the addition of bassist Nathan Thomas (part of blues rock act Blackstratblues, pop rocker Nikhil D’Souza, among others) and guitarist Apurv Isaac aka Lala (from prog/blues rockers The Family Cheese) changed the dynamics of how From you to blue would be performed. Hamid adds, “It’s very cool what we’ve done with the whole set.” The evening also includes performances from Mumbai-based DJ Sanaya Ardeshir aka Sandunes, drum and bass producer Sohail Arora aka EZ Riser and will feature live visuals from Mumbai graphic artist Moebius.


Click here to know more about the show at Antisocial, Khar, tonight.

Listen to Kumail Hamid’s ‘From you to blue’ below:



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