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Listen: Anish Sood, Nanok and Anushka Manchanda’s latest track “Superfly”

The three musicians have come together to create a captivating pop-dance number

Radhapriya Gupta Apr 08, 2015
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Anish Sood, Nanok and Anushka Manchanda. Photo: Courtesy of the artists.

Anish Sood, Nanok and Anushka Manchanda. Photo: Courtesy of the artists.

Goan dance music producer Anish Sood has teamed up with Mumbai-based disco-synth dance producer Nanok and the pop vocalist, Anushka Manchanda to create a smooth track with funk bass lines and a snappy chord progression. Says Sood, “The initial idea to collaborate with Anushka was to write something in the pop-dance crossover space. I accidentally I stumbled upon Nanok’s SoundCloud and got in touch with him because I really liked his sound. I think Superfly reflects all our styles very distinctly. We’ve kept the production clean and fresh and the arrangement has strong radio appeal as well.”

The track took almost a year to finish, as both the producers are based in different cities and had to coordinate over the phone and email to wrap it up. Manchanda too was brought in by sheer luck, as she met Sood on a flight, when he invited her to be part of the collaboration.

Although the process was tough, the trio is quite pleased with what they have accomplished. Anushka says, “Superfly is a groovy, sunshiney track you can bounce around to. It’s about taking that moment to breathe and live and love.”

Hear the track here:

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