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Listen: Delhi Metallers Murk Blare’s New Single “Chronos”

The four-member progressive/groove metal band are plotting a tour early next year

Murk Blare. Photo: Dhruv Immortal

Murk Blare. Photo: Dhruv Immortal

Delhi’s metal scene has less to complain about than they did two years ago, with gigs like the Outrage Festival kicked off to promote upcoming talent such as math rock/metal band Kraken and prog groove metallers Murk Blare.

Murk Blare are out with their latest single “Chronos” – creating heavy, complex groove metal that reminds us of Swedish prog metallers Meshuggah and Delhi’s best-known metal band, Undying Inc. The band, which was formed in 2011, comprises vocalist Vipul Verma [also part of Kraken], guitarist Anirudh Rai, drummer Vishesh Singh [from extreme metal band High Frequency] and bassist Vaibhav Varma. Although they’ve released two singles – “The Tormentor” and “The Machine” – last year, an unstable lineup had kept them off stage for the last two years. Says vocalist Vipul Verma, “It took us eight or nine months to get Vishesh on board, because we needed someone who not only played our older songs, but wanted to join us in our evolution as a band.” Written in June this year, Murk Blare recorded “Chronos” at Rai’s home studio in Noida.

While Verma mentions that they are planning for an album, Murk Blare will release more singles to “keep the momentum going.” The band built up their reputation with club gigs and band competitions in good measure, and Verma says it’s been a big learning curve. The vocalist adds, “We’ve gone to a lot of shitty shows, so now we know where to go and where not to go. We’re working on gigs and a tour in January.”

Listen to “Chronos

  • Shankul Dev

    heard the vocalist in kraken ,,/ love Kraken.. this is nice sounds like undying inc ,,/

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