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Meet The Nominees: Rectified Spirit

The Guwahati metal band, who released their self-titled debut album last year, are nominated in three categories at the Rolling Stone Metal Awards

Rectified Spirit

(L-R) Guwahati metal band Rectified Spirit – Samudragupta Dutta, Himangshu Borah, Nishant Hagjer and Rainjong Lepcha

Rectified Spirit is a five-piece metal band from Guwahati, comprising guitarist and founding member Samudragupta Dutta, bassist and co-founder Himangshu Borah, drummer Nishant Hagjer and guitarist Dishankan Baruah.

Having played gigs mainly within the Guwahati rock and metal scene, Rectified Spirit disbanded in 2009, owing to their members’ work and study commitments. Dutta revived the band for a short period in 2010, playing in Cherrapunji and New Delhi, and recruited drummer Hagjer [who now also plays with groove metal band Undying Inc. and experimental rock band Punkh] the same year. “I later took auditions after the guitarist and vocalist left in 2011 and staged a proper comeback. The first thing we had to do was to record an album,” says Dutta. Over at Lucid Recess Studios (run by the Guwahati rock band of the same name), the band recorded songs such as “There Is No Tomorrow,” “Vengeance,” and “Until We Expire,” which have been part of their setlist since they initial days. Mastered by Zorran Mendonsa, Rectified Spirit makes its Mumbai debut at the Rolling Stone Metal Awards on June 23rd.

Formed in:



With everything from metalcore, to tech death to power metal and straight-up heavy metal, Rectified Spirit’s sound is difficult to pin down. Dutta says the band plays a “huge mix of all genres,” and calls the band’s music “libero metal,” explaining: “It projects our attitude towards making music. It’s an attitude which keeps us liberated from genres and labels.” Lyrically, the album draws from social-political issues, addressing the Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act on “Paradigm Lost,” to more personal, emotional subjects such as fear on “There Is No Tomorrow” and guilt on “Bloodrush”.


Rectified Spirit (2012) – debut full-length album

Nominated for:

Best Vocalist – Rainjong Lepcha

Best Drummer – Nishant Hagjer

Best Bassist – Himangshu Borah

On their chances of winning:

More than winning at RSMA 2013, Rectified Spirit is happy to play the gig, says Dutta, while Hagjer adds, “I don’t care what the winners are like, it’s just an honor to be nominated. We’re hoping to gain new fans there.”

One thing you didn’t know about Rectified Spirit:

While all the other members of the band are full-time musicians, Dutta is a practicing lawyer. “I always had a steady job, which is why I want them [my bandmates] to be big in the music industry.”

Voting for RSMA 2013 is open till June 20th on the Rolling Stone India Facebook page. Click here to vote for the Best BandBest Song and Best Album category. For other details, click here.

Watch the music video for “Paradigm Lost” below

  • Ayush

    Well some facts need to be straightened here- Lucid Recess is Guwahati based. And the album was mixed by Warren Mendonsa.

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