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Mode7 Releases Debut EP

Former BBC member Raffael Kably’s new solo project’s first effort is a four-track dark electronica experiment


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The reclusive Raffael Kably has been spending the past few months working on a project titled Mode7. Kably has even performed a handful of gigs in Mumbai this year including one when F-Bar launched in Lower Parel. The DJ released Mode7’s debut EP titled All In Faded Days, which is also his first album as a producer, last night.  

The collection of tracks is a volte face to his former Bay Beat Collective bass-heavy sound. All In Faded Days in Kably’s words is “pensive and ambient. It’s not bass-heavy rather more orchestral and raw. It documents my dark side and inhibitions. It could be a soundtrack to my state of mind.” Kably’s introspective soundtrack is dramatic, yet mellow. The four compositions are a lush mash-up of live and programmed recordings.

You’ll hear a gentle beat leading smooth melodies created on a keyboard alongside downtempo and lo-fi electronica that add a lounge-y feel to the EP. Yet, the mood is definitely grim despite ample use of laser beam sound effects that pop up on all four tracks. Tracks such as “Uninterrupted World” that begin with sounds of thunder move onto a slow-march cadence that builds an aura of suspense. It’s this kind of underlying darkness that defines All in Faded Days.

You can download and listen to the EP here:


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