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New Music: Chennai Hip-Hop to New Delhi Electronica

This month, we round up the latest must-hear releases from blues rockers Serenade, Malayalam singer Job Kurian and more

Rolling Stone India
Rolling Stone India Aug 12, 2017
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“Move On Rag” by Serenade

Kolkata/Guwahati blues band Serenade add a touch of experimentation to an old-soul genre, but never falling short of delivering the right vibe. Their single “Move On Rag,” for example, nearly sounds like it ends near the four-minute mark, but they turn it into a light, slow outro jam. Hear the rest of their recently-released debut full-length album Easterly Wind here.

After Hours EP by Karun Ramani

On his debut EP, 25-year-old Chennai-based producer and multi-instrumentalist Karun Ramani comes up with one of the smoothest, slickest collection of songs that proves how much you can do if you know your sampling and beat-making. From the opening track “Pocket Change” to the guitar-charmed “How Much?” and the suave late-night soundtrack “Snacks,” Ramani effortlessly works in electronic, hip-hop, soul, R&B and funk influence for one sublime listen.

“Lonely Thirst” by Tankbund

After more than three years, Delhi electronica group Tankbund have released a new stand-alone, but hopefully that’s not to say it’s a one-off. With a slightly different lineup – that now includes drummer Aman Kumar Singh – Tankbund come back with hypnotic synth lines and a steady rhythm, layered with harmonies from their three keyboardists – Ritwik De (who handles lead vocals on this track), Subhadra Kamath and Tarana Marwah.

Tana by Kyojin

Bengaluru-based acoustic rock outfit Kyojin’s debut album Tana is filled with melodic harmonies and delicate instrumentation, which makes for an appealing album. Apart from the track “Rain” – which is an obvious rip-off from the Jack Johnson hit “Banana Pancakes” that we’ll forgive them for – the three-piece outfit manage to leave a stellar mark on their first record, and with strong musicianship so early in their career, they surely have a strong grip on what the future holds for themselves.

Untitled EP by David Thangjam

Aizawl-bred singer-songwriter and producer David Thangjam experiments with synth-vocal lines, guitar strokes and electronic beats on his debut EP, which is certainly a cheesy affair as far as the lyrics go. But sonically, Thangjam seems to have hit upon a dreamy, half-awake hip-hop/pop influenced approach to making music, one that comes through strongest on piano-hook led closing track “Trip.”

“Enthavo” by Job Kurian

A famous name by many measures in Kerala – owing not just to participating in singing competition Super Star, but also providing vocals for film songs – Job Kurian finally gets his own solo work out there. On “Enthavo,” what you hear is Kurian’s impeccably sublime voice over an electronic/pop framework and what you see is a GoPro-shot first-person perspective of Kerala’s beaches, lakes, hills and forests, in its verdant glory. Part of his Hope Project, Kurian is expected to release four more songs with videos.

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