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New Music: Shillong Math Rock to Goa Jazz Pop

Also featuring Bengaluru metallers Skypunch, Delhi electronica act Cranknob and alt rock from Kochi courtesy Lincoln


“Presence” by Skypunch

Bengaluru-based ambient metal band Skypunch not only bear a similarity to Delhi metallers Skyharbor in their name but also in their first single “Presence.” The duo – guitarist Krishna Dass and vocalist Isaac James – came together earlier this year and have already racked up over 140,000 hits within weeks of releasing “Presence,” which features all the benchmarks of a djent song but also includes an unlikely keytar solo from James.


Black to White by Cranknob

Delhi-based electronic/rock producer and guitarist Ahmer Khan, who performs under the moniker Cranknob, has released a concept debut EP Black to White. The EP, in production since mid-2015, transmutes the five stages of grief and depression into music and traverses electronica, bass music and rock across five tracks.


 “Life” by Sky Level

Shillong-based quartet Sky Level are an interesting add to the somewhat obscure space of math rock in India. Formed in 2014, the band contorts rhythm and timing like few others on their new single “Life.” While guitarist Stewart Ao noodles his way on the fretboard, even adding a few chunky leads at the 3:00 mark, vocalist Toiaisan Diengdoh adds more mainstream alt rock vocal melodies.


Wallflower by Lincoln

Formed in 2009, Kerala singer-songwriter Lincoln Samuel’s new EP Wallflower is about as fresh as alt rock gets. Koch-based Lincoln [he goes by his first name for the project] released the six-track EP to showcase exactly how experimental and wide the term alternative rock can get. His band leads with strong poppy synth on “Start Over,” go into roomier guitars that somehow lead into South Indian fusion on the quirky “Break the Ice” and close with a smooth, dreamy orchestral song called “Nuances.”


Standing in the Light by XSCT

After releasing his first single “One Morning” last year, Goa-based guitarist and composer Vijay Xavier has a new EP under the project name XSCT. While Xavier channeled fusion and electronica influences on “One Morning,” which featured Nagaland fusion rock band Purple Fusion’s vocalist Lamtsala Sangtam, his four-track debut EP Standing in the Light veers towards an Eighties-inspired synth-heavy pop rock sound that mingles with prog and jazz influences. XSCT also includes multi-instrumentalist producer Vishal J Singh, pianist Jimmy Pitts, vocalist-lyricist Arnab Sengupta, among others.


Editor’s Pick: “Mighty Horns” by Nasha

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