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Paradigm Shift To Release Second Single Next Year

The Mumbai-based fusion prog rock band play at IIT Bombay’s Fusion Nite


It’s a mixed bag of feelings when a band’s most popular song happens to be a cover and lands them a big gig, as is the case with prog rockers Paradigm Shift. The band is opening for electronica artist Karsh Kale at IIT-B’s Fusion Nite as part of the institute’s annual cultural festival Mood Indigo on December 21st.

Paradigm Shift are synonymous with their heavy instrumental rock version of composer AR Rahman’s song “Roja.” Vocalist Kaushik Ramachandran says, “That [their cover of “Roja”] is the only reason they asked us to play. The rest of our set will include songs from our album Coalescence and our latest single ‘Qaid.’”

They’ve never competed as part of Mood Indigo, but the band’s last gig at a competition was in October 2008, at IIT-Roorkee where they were placed second. “After that, we just wanted to improve our sound, our gear and the stage experience,” says Ramachandran. The band spent eight months working on their sound between 2009 and 2010, jamming twice a week. “There was no point competing after that. We were set on releasing an album,” says Ramachandran.

Fast forward to May 2012, after a year full of gigs and getting Amogh Symphony frontman Vishal J Singh to produce their full-length album Coalescence, the band were back to playing at colleges [their last gig was at DG Ruparel College’s Vihang festival], except they were among the headlining bands this time.

The band’s next move is writing and releasing their second single after “Qaid” in March. Says Ramachandran, “It’s called ‘Sammukh’ and it’s a preface to ‘Khwaabon Mein Teri’ from our first album. We’ll start playing them together once we release it.”


Paradigm Shift and Karsh Kale Collectiv play at IIT-B Mood Indigo Fusion Night at 5.30pm on December 21st. Carry your college ID card for free entry.


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