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Prog Metal Outfit Yatin Srivastava Project Drops Fiery Single ‘Take A Look At Me’

The New Delhi guitarist released the new track with a euphoric music video

David Britto Sep 21, 2017

New Delhi guitarist Yatin Srivastava. Photo: Ish Raheja

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New Delhi musician Yatin Srivastava started his eponymous progressive metal project in 2013 out of his bedroom. As Yatin Srivastava Project, he released his debut EP, The Dream Plays in Reverse, in 2016, and followed that with a live EP, titled Constructing An Acoustic Dream.

Because the guitarist shuffles between India and the U.K., he has a different live band accompanying him in both countries, although the project is currently based in New Delhi. Their latest offering is the fiery new track, “Take A Look At Me,” which blends prog metal and electronic sounds.

Srivastava spoke to Rolling Stone India about the new track, his next release and his frustration with rainy U.K. weather.

 “Take A Look At Me” has some interesting parts. Tell me about the song and its sonic inspiration.

I think sonically, I was heavily inspired by the hugeness of progressive rock and progressive metal artists molding different genre elements into their core sound. The idea was to have a strong base that is very much in the existing sound of the project and take it further with electronic and orchestral elements. Lyrically, it’s a lot about metaphors.

 Will the song be featured on an upcoming album?

This song in this form is just a single. A different version of the same song was featured on the previous EP. But then again, work on a full length album is well in the works.

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Where was it recorded and who produced, mixed and mastered the track?

This was an interesting one when it came to the recording process. The track was recorded when I was in London, United Kingdom. I produced and engineered the musicians involved. Once I finished structuring this version and recording my guitars, I used the facilities at my University [Queen Mary, University of London] to record the bass and the vocals. The university still has an absolutely wonderful mixing room with insanely good analog gear, along with a nice and warm sounding live room. Using the gear and the space available helped get a great product. As I mixed and mastered this track later on my own, the meticulous work put inside that mixing room really paid off.

Tell me about the video and the concept behind it.

I personally had a couple of ideas which I had storyboarded and shared with filmmaker friends of mine. With further inputs and information from them I narrowed it down to something that would go really well with the concept I had in mind. Once I talked to [filmmakers] Kito Kitev and Anastasia Yakovlev [of London-based Camarazi Productions] I realized the concept I had in mind wasn’t possible with the gear, time window and weather. Count on London for raining exactly when you don’t want it to rain. Finding a solution for this problem resulted in the video you see today. Compared to the original idea, I think the video now is quite diverse in putting forth the concept that accompanies the lyrics in my personal opinion.

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Watch the music video for “Take A Look At Me” below: 

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