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RDB and T-Pain Collaborate On New Single “Daddy Da Cash”

The UK-based bhangra act shot a video with American hip hop artist in Mumbai earlier this year

RDB with T-Pain (center)

RDB with T-Pain (center)

UK bhangra act RDB (Rhythm Dhol Bass)’s new music video for “Daddy Da Cash” featuring American hip hop artist T-Pain was shot in what “looks like Miami” according to their publicity material. RDB vocalist-producer Manjeet Ral aka Manj admits they actually shot the video on set in Mumbai, when T-Pain was in town for the MTV Video Music Awards India in March this year. Says Manj in a phone interview, “The music video was a mixture of footage from what we shot in Mumbai and aerial shots of Miami.”

Manj adds that T-Pain was shot on a set that tried (really hard in our opinion) to capture the Miami vibe with a Bentley and a mansion serving as the backdrop. Of course, T-Pain wanted to add an Indian element. “He [T-Pain] said, ‘I own six of these cars [Bentleys] – give me a rickshaw.’ So on set, he was just riding a rickshaw around.” The single “Daddy Da Cash” is from RDB’s upcoming 2014 album, Worldwide, which also includes collaborations with Bollywood duos Salim-Suleiman and Vishal-Shekhar on separate songs. Says Manj, “This album includes a more EDM, House-y kind of sound to it. There’s a bit of Punjabi folk as well, of course.”

“Daddy Da Cash,” as the title suggests, is about rich kids spending their fathers’ money, which RDB poke fun at in a Punjabi chorus, with T-Pain delivering a couple of verses. The group have been performing it (minus T-Pain) at weddings, college festivals and gigs without actually offending any rich kids, according to Manj. The vocalist adds, “It’s not really degrading them. We performed this song at weddings where fathers were with their sons, throwing money in the air. They like it.” The irony of all of it may just be fodder for another new video for the track.

Watch “Daddy Da Cash” below


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