Album Review: Midhaven – Spellbound

'Spellbound' album art

The Mumbai progressive rock/metal band put their sloppy debut EP behind them with a louder, heavier full-length debut album

EP Review: Your Chin – Scatter Nature

Raxit Tewari as Your Chin. Photo: Gautam Ruparel

Sky Rabbit frontman scores a winner with his second EP

EP Review: Tankbund – Inside

Tankbund. Photo: Ranjan De

The Delhi electronica act ditch melancholy for upbeat, made-for-gigs tunes

Soulmate Keep The Blues Alive: ‘Ten Stories Up’ Album Review

'Ten Stories Up' album art

Find a decade’s worth of stories and some great guitar licks in the Shillong blues rock band’s third album

Her Majesty’s Voice: Susheela Raman – Queen Between Album Review

Susheela Raman - Queen Between

Susheela Raman calls in Qawwals and Rajasthani folk musicians to add a spin on psychedelic bhakti rock

Album Review: Black Letters – Shapes On The Wall

'Shapes On The Wall' album art

The Kochi band brings booming alt rock on their debut album

Album Review: Dark Circle Factory – Positive

Drummer Lindsay D'Mello. Photo: Aparna Dauria

The Mumbai sessions drummer puts the scene’s who’s who on a two-disc album to explore everything from jazz to rap rock

Album Review: The Down Troddence – How Are You? We Are Fine, Thank You

The Down Troddence.

Folk metal that stays true to all its influences

Electro Buzz

Kele Okereke. Photo: Courtesy of

Our monthly round-up of electronica albums that must make it into your playlist

Album Review: Cheisrah – Deafbreed

'Deafbreed' album artwork

The Bengaluru metalcore band’s debut album reaches up and stands on the same level as leading metalcore bands such as American band August Burns Red

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