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Rob Zombie Unveils ‘Mondo Sex Head’ Album Art

Rocker explains cover of upcoming remix set


Mondo Sex Head artwork

Long before the recent rise of EDM,Rob Zombie was involved with others remixing his work, releasing remix albums in 1996 (Supersexy Swingin’ Sounds) and 1999 (American Made Music to Strip By). With his upcoming remix album Mondo Sex Head around the corner, the rocker took some time to talk with ROLLING STONE about the imagery on the upcoming album.

How did you come up with the concept for the cover of Mondo Sex Head?

I thought it fit the vibe of the record perfectly and had an old-school, Ohio Players vibe. I never thought it would be a problem since it seemed tame to me . . . but it was. No one would carry the CD. Anything with death and violence is totally fine, but anything with sex, forget about it. So instead of censoring that cover and ruining it, I just removed the ass shot and replaced it with a pussy shot.

Why are you doing this now? What’s different this time?

I’ve made records like this in the past, but over the years it seems like the interest in this type of thing had waned . . . so I stopped for a while. But recently I had been hearing how a bunch of the new DJs and mixers were using my stuff in their shows and mixes. So I figured the demand had returned. Everything old is new again, I guess. I let the remixers run wild. If I like it. I use it. If I don’t, I skip it.

What are you favorite tracks from this collection?

I like the J-Devil remix of “Thunder Kiss 65.” It is always cool to hear a 20-year old track sound fresh again to a new audience. I really like the Photek take on “Living Dead Girl,” which is over seven minutes. Really hypnotic atmospheric and trippy vibe. And Ki:Theory’s take on “Foxy Foxy” adds a deeper groove which really takes the song to another level.

Mondo Sex Head is set for an August 7th release.



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