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Save The Organic Sound: Cover As Art Project

Delhi-based advertising copywriter Adittya Gupta wants mainstream music to return to its roots


Cover designed by Adittya Gupta

Cover designed by Adittya Gupta


Adittya Gupta

Adittya Gupta

Adittya Gupta

Adittya is not a writer, a graphic designer, a photographer, a singer or an engineer. He just likes to write, make art, shoot off the centre and wear a falsetto when no one’s looking. Being a techie at IBM, well, he never really liked it. Officially an adman in New Delhi now, he beefs his creative muscle by simply exorcizing his demons on a semi-daily basis. The resulting body of work may be viewed on his blog.


The Idea

I was moseying about the streets and spotted a feisty bunch of birds on the transmission wires above, who, freakishly enough, were chirping a classic rock and roll riff in harmony. The organic sound of their electric performance made me wonder when mainstream music became so icky and plasticky. Especially, the auto-tuned songs that get repeated over annoyingly at any ‘happening’ nightspot in, say, Delhi or Mumbai. Perhaps, it’s time to save our soul and revive the times when musicians played real instruments and sang into real mics. 

  • killjoymd

    I think it’s impossible for me to take anyone who wears a falsetto/fedora seriously. So I’m going to ignore this, no matter how noble the cause might be.

  • killjoymd

    Not to mention the ridiculous collar up.

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