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Steve Aoki To Collaborate With Snoop Dogg

The Japanese-American producer talks about the internet, his upcoming album and his love for his fans

Steve Aoki | Photo Credit: Robin Laananen

Steve Aoki | Photo Credit: Robin Laananen

If like us, you spend a lot of time on the internet, you’ve probably come across a satirical piece on Japanese-American superproducer Steve Aoki, who was recently in India to perform at Supernova Arena in Bengaluru. According to the story,  Aoki is really a performance artist whose EDM career has been an experiment to “explore the fickle nature of popular music fads.” We asked the 37-year-old DJ what he thought of this, and the internet, and his answer was unsurprisingly dismissive. Says Aoki, “I’m really an alien and eventually my people are going to come down, but we’re going to be nice to the humans. Everything on the internet is true, by the way. I love these stories and think they’re funny, but when people start to believe them, it’s sad.”

Aoki is hard at work on his new album Neon Future II which is slated to release in May. A follow up to 2014’s Neon Future I, the album will feature collaborations with artists such as American rapper Snoop Dogg and American rock band Linkin Park. Says Aoki, “People are always talking about the future of EDM and where that’s going, but it’s hard to say. There has been a rise in people using elements of deep house in their tracks, I’ve been doing that too with some of my newer stuff, but I still try to keep my energy level high. I want to make sure that no matter what genre it fits into, the energy makes people get up and feel something. As long as it makes people happy, I feel like I’m doing something right.”

The Grammy-award winning artist, who first visited India in 2012, returned to the country for a three-city tour that covered Mumbai, New Delhi and Bengaluru. Says Aoki, “The fans are the main reason that I keep coming back, the shows are fucking crazy. The crowds are so loud and they have so much energy, and that’s something you don’t expect when you come to India from the other side of the world.” Mesmerized by Bollywood, the producer is hoping that 2015 will mean new collaborations with Indian artists. Adds Aoki, “I’m hoping that some of them have an interest in my music and will come to my shows. I’m always interested in different genres of music, so it would be exciting.”


Vh1 Supersonic Arcade Tour

January 16th, 2015 – NSCI, Mumbai

January 17th, 2015 – Kingdom of Dreams, Gurgaon

January 18th, 2015 – Supernova, Bengaluru



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