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Stream Wolfmother’s Surprise LP, ‘New Crown’

The trio unexpectedly dropped their gritty new album on Bandcamp



Get that black light and bong ready – Wolfmother is officially back in action. On Sunday, the stoner-rock trio unexpectedly dropped their long-awaited third album, New Crown, on their Facebook page, linking to a Bandcamp account where fans can buy the 10-track LP or stream it in full. 

The album sounds decidedly raw, with a more punk-leaning edge to the riffs and lo-fi production values than past albums. But the Australian trio, comprised of longtime frontman Andrew Stockdale, bassist-keyboardist Ian Peres and drummer Vin Steele, still cover their usual bases – from aggressive psychedelia (the epic “New Crown,” which veers from detuned riffs to a stripped-down bass groove) to noisy punk assaults (the especially haggard “Feelings”).

The new release is especially surprising given Stockdale’s recent attitude toward the band. Last year, the singer told NME he felt uncomfortable performing under the band banner after the departure of original bassist-keyboardist Chris Ross and drummer Myles Heskett. 

“For the last three years, I’ve performed as Wolfmother, and I don’t feel comfortable about it,” he said. “Because of the success of the name, there was pressure then to call yourself Wolfmother. But it felt weird.” Stockdale released his debut solo album, Keep Moving, in 2013.


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