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U2’s Adam Clayton Sues Bank of Ireland

Bassist claims accountants gave him inaccurate reports for misappropriated funds


U2 bassist Adam Clayton is suing the Bank of Ireland Private Banking and the accounting firm Gaby Smyth Co. over €4.8 million in misappropriated funds. According to The Irish Independent, Clayton says that his former personal assistant, Carol Hawkins, took the money over a five-year period ending in November 2009.

The rocker is seeking €4.38 million – nearly $7 million – in damages for the firm’s “alleged negligence and breach of contract.” Clayton says that the accountants told him that the misappropriated sum was €13,585 million when it was actually closer to €4.4 million in a September 2008 report.

Clayton has a separate lawsuit against Hawkins, who was charged with 184 theft and fraud charges in January 2011.


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