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Video: Avi & The Uprising’s Boom Boom Shiva

Delhi band Avi & The Uprising release new video


It’s great that more Indian bands are investing in music videos and constantly innovating whether it’s in terms of storytelling or technique.  Mumbai band Pentagram’s brilliant video for “Nocturne” directed by the band’s drummer Shiraz Bhattacharya, Kolkata band Ganesh Talkies’s pop art kitsch video for “Item Song”, which was shot on a terrace, and more recently, Mumbai band Something Relevant’s dance-mad video for “Move Yourself” and Delhi group Peter Cat Recording Co’s trippy video for “Love Demons” are few of the videos that caught our attention this year.

This week, Delhi band Avi & The Uprising released a video for their track “Boom Boom Shiva.” Like a lot of bands, Avi & The Uprising too have a thing for terraces albeit a terrace with a broken wall. Set in Delhi’s Kathputli Colony, a slum that is also known as the magicians’ colony, the video directed by Vibhushan Subba draws from the lives of acrobats, puppeteers and magicians, who all reside in the colony. The bluesy stoner vibe of the track doesn’t add or take away much from the setting of the video, but is the band’s tribute to the colony that may be razed to the ground to make way for plush residences.  

Watch Avi & The Uprising’s Boom Boom Shiva here:


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