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Watch: Crumpled Paper Sessions Feat. Lima Yanger

The music/travel video series captures the Duncun Rufus vocalist jamming with Canadian cellist Jake Charkey by a beautiful lake

The music video series captures the Duncun Rufus vocalist jamming with Canadian cellist Jake Charkey by a beautiful lake.

The video was filmed in a certain national park outside the city.

Pune-based videographer Ron Bezbaruah knew from the word go that he wasn’t cut out for a regular job. His three separate stints at working in a corporate environment lasted no longer than two months each.  “I love to travel and I can’t stand nine-to-five jobs,” says the 22-year-old who swears by freelance work. “I have a habit of dipping my feet into two different things at the same time.”

His ongoing project, Crumpled Paper Sessions, marries three of his loves – filmmaking, music and travel.  Bezbaruah conceptualized the series to document unplugged music performed by musicians in the kind of outdoors they love.

The idea came to Bezbaruah while on a trip in Himachal Pradesh. He met English musician Stuart Parkinson aka Mospod who had quit his corporate job to travel. “He just had a bag and a guitar with him, that’s it.” Bezbaruah’s conversation with Parkinson led to the filming of the first Crumpled Paper Session. The latest video in the series features Mumbai pop-rock band Duncun Rufus’ frontman Lima Yanger and Canadian cellist Jake Charkey. The duo performs an acoustic, stripped-down track titled “Home” from Duncun Rufus’ upcoming album The Folds Galore. Yanger explains the track is about the struggles of city-life but he wanted to stay clear of doing anything ‘typical’. “It’s personally a track I’ve always loved performing,” he says. “I didn’t want to make just a Bombay-centric music video. I wanted to do something different.”

Lima Yanger of Duncun Rufus.

Lima Yanger

The video was filmed in a certain national park outside the city. Yanger and Bezbaruah insist on not mentioning the name of the park, due to having trespassed on the grounds to shoot. “Maybe next time they’ll give us permission!” laughs Yanger.

The visuals in the video are minimalist — musicians performing by a lake in the park surrounded by a forest. “I liked the idea of a contrast between the peace in the video and the struggle in the lyrics,” says Yanger, adding, “It was difficult to record sound because of all the wind and we went on a Sunday so there were other people present who were staring at us carrying around the massive cello, but it all turned out fine.”

Bezbaruah says while most of the sessions are unplanned and happen as when he meets  musicians, there are artists he will be working with next, including  Mumbai singer-songwriter Vernon Norhona and Gowri Jayakumar of Run Pussy Run. “I’m doing it on my own with no money being earned, and it’s difficult. But it’s all for the love of music.”

Watch Crumpled Paper Sessions feat. Lima Yanger here:


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