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Watch Iggy Pop, Lemmy, Henry Rollins in Crazy Silent Film Trailer

'Gutterdämmerung' trailer features all-star rock and roll cast of Slash, Josh Homme, Grace Jones and Tom Araya in "dark and loud fairy tale"


Billed as “the loudest silent movie on earth” and featuring an all-star rock and roll cast, filmmaker Björn Tagemose’s Gutterdämmerung already sounded like it would be a wild ride when it was announced in July. With the recent release of the film’s first trailer, the film/concert hybrid shows that it may be even crazier than first described.

While the film has yet to announce a release date, the three-minute black and white clip gives a bit of insight into the plot and introduces the key players: Iggy Pop, Motörhead’s Lemmy, Henry Rollins, Grace Jones, Queens of the Stone Age’s Josh Homme, Slash, Mark Lanegan, Eagles of Death Metal’s Jesse Hughes and Slayer’s Tom Araya. The clip also shows how the filmmakers will incorporate the live part of the event, which will fuse the film with a concert featuring as-yet-unannounced artists.

 As the trailer’s voiceover plays out – “In a silent world, a bad girl, a fallen angel, a charismatic leader, the last pure girl on Earth, and the baddest motherfuckers in rock and roll history” – the rock stars are seen in wild costumes, fighting over a guitar. The plot involves Pop’s fallen angel character sending the devil’s guitar back to Earth and sin returning to the world. Rollins plays an evil priest seeking to destroy the guitar and the battle ensues between good and evil. “It’s rock and roll or death” the clip reveals in the “loud and dark fairy tale.”

The clip also features a live rock and roll band showing explosions and a crowd of people playing guitars, a possible harbinger of the event’s live component. The film’s website does not specify when the movie and live band concert pairing will tour, other than a general early 2016 release date.

“It is primarily a visual experience with very little dialogue,” Rollins said this summer. “And it is not a film that you will see in the traditional way of going into a movie theater and sitting down. You will be standing up for this very loud, fully immersive experience.”



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