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Watch: ViceVersa’s New Single “Habibi”

Rohit P-Man Pereira and Manas Ullas go toe-to-toe as stalker ghosts for their single off second EP, ‘Subchronicles’

Rolling Stone India
Rolling Stone India Nov 11, 2013
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Mumbai electronica act ViceVersa’s latest video for “Habibi,” the new single from their upcoming EP, Subchronicles, seems like it was born out of a blazer of a brainstorm between director Dinkar Dwivedi and vocalist Rohit P-Man Pereira. We would hazard a guess and say it was an idea too good for any of the stoner webisodes they have been churning out on YouTube over the last two months and thus merited music video status. How else do you explain a bizarre love triangle involving ghosts?

The ghost played by P-Man wearing er, a hijab of sorts goes gaga [without losing his swag of course] over a girl. All seems well until his ViceVersa partner Manas Ullas shows up in his trademark hoodie to be a part of the action. Directed by Dwivedi [who also works with video production firm Okay Potato! and plays garage rock as Bone Broke], in parts, the video recalls cheesy remix videos of the Nineties, which included more buxom women than we care to remember, except this one looks more like a well-made spoof.  

Subchronicles releases online on November 15th.

Watch the video for “Habibi” below

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