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When Three Young Musicians Turn Denim Designers

Singer Tanya Nambiar, metalhead Shashank Bhatnagar and rocker Akshay Chowdhry were the first people to try out Custom Studio, the new design service by Pepe Jeans London  


“I’ve always been someone who stays away from regular things. I think this jacket speaks me,” says Tanya Nambiar as she flaunts a personalized denim jacket featuring a ‘Rebel’ label on the back. The vocalist of Delhi blues-rock outfit Gravy Train designed the garment at Pepe Jeans London’s Delhi store as part of the label’s new concept store initiative, Custom Studio, which enables customers to step into the designer’s seat and customise their denims as they see fit.

Singer Tanya Nambiar picks a print from the catalogue at the Pepe Jeans London store in Delhi.

Nambiar was among the first ones to try out this new service along with fellow musicians Akshay Chowdhry [vocalist and guitarist of indie-rock band Barefaced Liar] and Shashank Bhatnagar [of metal heavyweights Undying. Inc and alt/melodic metal band Hyperion]. The musicians designed their own unique denims in four easy steps with the help of a denim expert.They first picked a laser print from the catalogue and then chose their fastenings – be it studs, rivets or tacks. Next they selected the brush of the garment and picked the right spot for the print. The artists finished off the process by choosing the colour of their print.

The guitar headstock print picked by Akshay Chowdhry.

While Bhatnagar opted for a pair of tailor-made denim slim-fits to “show off his legs,” Nambiar chose bling and went for a studded denim jacket. Chowdhry walked off with his own unique pair of jeans with a print of a guitar headstock. He says “The design is reflective of who I am.” The Custom Studio service will be offered at select Pepe Jeans London stores depending on the size of each space.


Tanya Nambiar poses in her newly designed ‘Rebel’ jacket.


Check out the video of the musicians designing their denims:

YouTube Preview Image

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