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10 Best Indian Music Videos of 2015

The Ska Vengers pay tribute to Udham Singh; Coshish go mysterious and monochrome; Fuzzculture kickstart the party

Rolling Stone India Jan 01, 2016
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Divine and Naezy dart through the Mumbai streets, Faridkot go back to school days, What Escapes Me pack in some cool animation and plenty more in some of 2015’s best videos.


“Mere Gully Mein” by Divine ft. Naezy

In what has now come to be their most iconic collaboration, Mumbai-based rappers Vivian Fernandes aka Divine and Naezy join forces to deliver an ode to “the city that never sleeps”. The two take on everything from the poverty in the slums to corrupt politicians as they dart through the meandering lanes in shanties, dance on hawker carts and get the entire community singing along. The vibrant video complements the earworm very well.


“Renaissance Mission” by Blackstratblues

One of Mumbai’s best blues act, Blackstratblues add a dash of humor to their upbeat instrumental“Renaissance Mission,” which follows a ”˜chor -police’ showdown. What starts off as an on-foot chase escalates to whacky parkour all over an abandoned building, and finally an intense video game-style boxing round, with the policeman coolly emerging victorious.


“Dhima” by Dhruv Ghanekar

Mumbai-based guitarist Dhruv Ghanekar’s video for “Dhima” matches the song’s eclectic blend of African and Rajasthani influences. It stands out for its quality art direction, elaborate make-up and costumes, as it follows folk star Ila Arun in the mold of a high priestess of a torture house.

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“Maya” by Coshish

Mumbai prog-rockers Coshish offer a monochrome, sacred geometry-inspired video for “Maya.” Visually similar to the music videos released by the American prog rock band Tool, whom they cite as their biggest influence, “Maya” is as haunting as it is hypnotizing.


“Cold Water” by Nicholson

The final instalment of a video trilogy that parallels Mumbai-based electronic music producer Nicholson’s 2014 Cold Water EP, “Cold Water” was conceptualized by visual artist and director Sachin S Pillai. In this melancholic masterpiece, the protagonist shuttles between a deserted shore and beach, battling his suicidal leanings but ultimately losing to himself.


“Frank Brazil” by The Ska Vengers

Delhi-based ska/reggae heavyweights The Ska Vengers pay tribute to Indian revolutionary Udham Singh in their animated video that portrays Singh aka Frank Brazil avenging the crime of the Jallianwala Bagh massacre by assassinating British official General Michael O’ Dwyer.


“Inayat” by Ananthaal

Mumbai-based supergroup Ananthaal [comprsing music composer/singer Clinton Cerejo and vocalists Bianca Gomes and Vijay Prakash] bring a touch of class with the video for their first single“Inayat.” The video has been shot in the scenic, expansive locales in Ladakh and it features spectaclar wide shots that almost take your breath away.


Mahi Ve ”“ Faridkot

New Delhi pop rockers Faridkot go back to school days in their video for “Mahi Ve,” capturing childhood infatuation at its most innocent.

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“The Truths of a Lie” by What Escapes Me

Kolkata experimental metallers What Escapes Me’s lyric video for “The Truth of a Lie” takes on some impressive animation, as it follows an animated protagonist trying to make his way though massive mazes and fighting off shape-shifting amoeba.


“With Open Eyes” by Fuzzculture

Delhi-based electro-rock duo Fuzzculture’s “With Open Eyes” follows a sporting elderly man partying at nightclub amidst young revelers.

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