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10 Best Indian Singles of 2015

Skyharbor delivers unrelenting riffs; The Minerva Conduct brings the groove; ATFC drop fat, heavy beats

Rolling Stone India Jan 01, 2016
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2015’s best singles included dark, dance-y hooks courtesy of The F16s,  Motherjane’s signature rock-meets-Carnatic sound, some heady blues by Blue Temptation, and lots more.

The following list is in no order of ranking.

“Out of Time” by Skyharbor

Vocalist Eric Emery shows off his vocal chops even as guitarists Keshav Dhar and Devesh Dayal deliver unrelenting riffs.

“Khwaab” ”“ Thaikkudam Bridge

The Kochi rockers offer one of their most enjoyable melodies ”“ not to mention intense songwriting ”“ with “Khwaab.”

“Ausenberg” by The F16s

The Chennai’s rockers take us on a ride on this track ”“ from dance-y hooks to dark, anticipation-laden guitars.

“Clay Play” ”“ Motherjane

It has the band’s signature rock-meets-Carnatic sound, and features a solid bed of tightly locked drum and bass.

“Ramblin’ On” ”“ Blue Temptation

This song by the Shillong-based blues band boasts of a solid groove, bang-on vocals and heady wah-wah guitars.

“Fire Drill Gone Wild” ”“ Last Remaining Light

The single is mix of raging guitars and soothing vocals, and infects you with a sprightly energy.

“Somebody Else” by ATFC

AFTC drop fat, heavy beats and some good bass, plus some cool Malayalam bits on this track.

“Canyons” by Feeding In Atlantis

The Goa prog metal act give us beatdowns, ambient synth portions and some mind-blowing guitar playing on this track.

“Endgame” by Aberrant

The Shillong metallers throw in a keyboard/synth intro and clean vocals on this single.

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“End Creation” by The Minerva Conduct

The Mumbai instrumental metal band bring the groove and heavy riffs and solos on this track.

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