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10 Hilarious Music Memes We Can’t Get Enough Of

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Saranya Subramanian Aug 06, 2018
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The beauty about memes (besides getting a chortle out of you when you’re scrolling through your feed) is how democratic they are–anyone can make them! Here’s a bunch of music memes that had us ROFLing every time we saw them, so we thought why not share the joy!

When Eminem released “Lose Yourself” back in 2002, little did he know that the one most popular lyric from it would live on through memes:

Panic! At The Disco

“I Write Sins Not Tragedies” is one song that has sustained the test of time, and has officially retained its place in pop culture through the many,many memes created on it. Here’s our favorite one:

DJ Khaled

Everybody’s fave — “DJ KHALED!” — (also famous for his catchphrases that are contagious af), meets Salt Bae in this classic meme:

BTS’ Suga

One of BTS’ members, Suga, went viral on Twitter earlier this year when he was given the nickname ‘lil meow meow’ from the meme of the same name. Watch the version with Suga below:



Drake memes have been going viral since 2011, and maybe it’s his poignant facial expressions, his sick dance moves, or his voice that we hear in the background, but we just couldn’t narrow it down to one Drake meme. So here’s two gems for you:

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Vennu Malesh meets Bon Jovi and Irrfan Khan

Bet you never expected these three names to be in the same sentence, much less the same meme. But, a picture says a thousand words:

Neil Diamond

This heartthrob from the Sixties has a few famous numbers that we still love today. There’s nothing funnier than music puns, no better singer than Neil Diamond, and no punnier tribute to his music than this:

Post Malone

Whether driving at night, dancing at a club, or chilling with friends, Post Malone’s music is great for all occasions. The real selling point, of course, is his mustache:



Bollywood music in the Nineties was soulful and fun but has recently become the unexpected victim of Communist puns:

Ed Sheeran

We love nothing more than celebrities making memes out of themselves, and Ed Sheeran is as funny as his voice is beautiful:

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