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10 Indie Music Videos to Watch on #AllNewRollingStone

From Pentagram’s boisterous Ganpati visarjan clip to The Lightyears Explode getting a swag masterclass by Rohit ‘P-Man’ Pereira and Sandunes’ video of a duel between two charming old men

Rolling Stone India Aug 08, 2017
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1. Spud in the Box – “Good Way To Die”

Mumbai alt-rock band Spud in the Box released their debut DIY music video for their track, “Good Way To Die” in 2012. Shot home-video style, the video features vocalists Rohan Rajadhyaksha and Ankit Dayal, also on guitar, showing off their vocal chops.

Watch the music video for “Good Way To Die” here.

2.The Dirty Strikes – “Good Damaged Girl”

Imphal punk rock band The Dirty Strikes’ debut music video “Good Damaged Girl” offers a slice of their signature old-school rock. The black-and-white video features an old-fashioned television set and lends a jam pad feel.

Watch the music video for “Good Damaged Girl” here.

3.Pentagram – “Tomorrow’s Decided”

The video for Mumbai electro-rockers Pentagram’s “Tomorrow’s Decided” is set in the middle of a boisterous Ganpati visarjan. The video conveys the energy and spirit of the track as it swings from shots of frenzied revelers on the street to the band performing on a lorry.

Watch the music video for “Tomorrow’s Decided” below:

4.The Lightyears Explode – “The P-Man Explodes” ft. Rohit P-Man Pereira

Indie scene funnyman Rohit P-Man Pereira collaborated with Mumbai punk rockers The Lightyears Explode on the track “The P-Man Explodes” on their 2013 debut full-length, The Revenge of Kalicharan. Pereira also got on board for the music video, where the band gets a swag masterclass by him in a seedy room with B-movie posters and lights with crazy filters.

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Watch the music video for “The P-Man Explodes” here.

5. ViceVersa – “Habibi”
Mumbai electronica act ViceVersa’s video for their track “Habibi” showcases Rohit P-Man Pereira wearing a hijab of sorts and going crazy over a girl. All seems well until his ViceVersa partner Manas Ullas shows up in his trademark hoodie to be a part of the action.

Watch the music video for “Habibi” here.

6. Dualist Inquiry – “Lumina”
Right out of a modern version of the movie Ghost, New Delhi electronica artist Sahej Bakshi a.k.a Dualist Inquiry only has a brief cameo in the video for “Lumina,” which follows a girl who is smitten by a band’s guitarist after seeing them live ”“ a story that might have been inspired by true incidents, given Bakshi’s female fan following.

Watch the music video for “Lumina” here.

7. Sandunes – “Good To You” ft. Siddharth Basrur
Mumbai-based producer Sanaya Ardeshir a.k.a Sandunes’ single “Good To You” off her 2014 debut album Everbridge showcases a music video shot entirely in slow-motion. The video follows an unconventional plot for an electronica track ”“ no laser beams or EDM fans with glow sticks, but two charming old men (Ardeshir’s family friends) with toy guns.

Watch the music video for “Good To You” here.

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8. Prateek Kuhad – “Oh Love”
When you’re dropped off by a taxi in the middle of the woods, you expect something sinister to unfold, but knowing New Delhi singer-songwriter Prateek Kuhad’s soft acoustic rock, the vibe is more happy festival than Blair Witch Project in the music video for “Oh Love.”

Watch the music video for “Oh Love” below:

9. When Chai Met Toast – “Firefly”
Bengaluru indie/acoustic band When Chai Met Toast released their first single “Firefly” in 2016 accompanied with a music video which follows the band across their live shows. The track contains a simple melody that’s laid out by an acoustic guitar and a banjo, vocal hooks and a sing-along chant of “Hey!”

Watch the music video for “Firefly” here.

10. Vernon Noronha – “Come Back Jack”
“Come Back Jack” reimagines Mumbai singer-songwriter Vernon Noronha’s own experience of his father going missing in April 2013. The video shows Jack, an alcoholic who, somewhere between flashbacks of playing with his family on the beach and getting into drunken brawls with neighbors and cops, fails to look out for his wife and young son.

Watch the music video for “Come Back Jack” here.

(Listed in no particular order)

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