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10 Life Lessons You Pick Up When You’re in a Rock Band

Author, musician and leadership coach Jonathan Sequeira gives his take how your workplace is often not too far removed from gigs

Rolling Stone India Jun 06, 2020

The cover of Jonathan Sequeira's 'Life Lessons From When I Was In A Rock Band.'

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As much as you’ll hear about the constant struggle and regular hurdles faced by rock bands in India, Goa-based author, musician and life coach Jonathan Sequeira believes there’s a lot of positive learnings as well. “Joining a band is pretty much like joining a new organization, a new team or working on a new project. You always put your best foot forward in creating that stellar resume and sending it out,” the writer of Life Lessons From When I Was In A Rock Band says.
Sequeira’s new book features his own quirky tales from being part of bands, but also includes wisdom from seasoned Indian bands such as Parikrama, Indian Ocean, Best Kept Secret, Girish and the Chronicles and more. The author adds, “This book uses a rock band theme and connects the dots between rock band performances (their experiences) with everyday work situations and seeks to serve as a guide to people getting into their first jobs, handling a new project, a new responsibility, a new company or a new challenge in life.” Below is an excerpt from the closing chapter of the book:

Ten Life Lessons to be Rocked

Lesson#1: Life is a Rock Show!

Put on your best dress, darlin’. You’re in the public eye, always make it worth their eyeball time; or they will go elsewhere and watch another show.

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Lesson#2: Unfair weather is unpredictable.

Understand that, accept it and have a plan, know what to do and where to run for cover should it rain on your show.

Lesson#3: Have a “stage view”.

Look at things from above, along with everything and everybody else. From the stage you get a broader picture and see things clearer. Use your stage view to help you lead. As you perform, take time off to view things from a higher perspective and get the group to have the same vision.

Lesson#4: Life is a rollin’ stone.

Expect your peers, subordinates, customers and bosses to change their opinion about you without warning. Keep moving to the beat and treat each of those moments as a different song with a different rhythm.

Lesson#5: Take good care of your gear (yourself).

Sleep well, exercise, give thanks, drink plenty of water and eat well. A lack of stamina, energy and rhythm are strict no-no’s when you’re rocking it.

Lesson#6: Avoid lip-syncing.

Good ethics and doing the honourable thing should be on top of your list. Nothing brings you down faster than a bad reputation.

Lesson#7: Learn new music.

Constantly learn something new. Invest in yourself, update your skills and move with the times. It’s more for the fans than for you.

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Lesson#8: You’re in a rock band.

You are not a solo artist. Avoid working in silos. You have a team that you need to understand and work with. It’s your job to get everyone moving to the beat.

Lesson#9: Your timing is unique.

Success is subjective. Everybody makes it big in their own way and at their correct time.

Lesson#10: Feel the music.

If you don’t enjoy it, you won’t do it well. Learn to enjoy it or find something else to do without jeopardizing the band.

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