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10 Monsoon Songs by Indian Artists You Need to Hear

From acoustic artist Dhruv Visvanath to alt rockers Spud in the Box, blues group Soulmate and more

David Britto Jun 26, 2018

Scroll down to listen to 10 monsoon songs

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Are grey skies and gloomy days what you’ve been waking up to lately? Skip past the petrichor and you know the monsoons are pretty much best enjoyed from anywhere indoors, considering it births chaos in every urban city.

Still, if you have to gather your favorite gumboots, umbrella and rain coat, we’ve curated a special rain playlist to help you forget about the downpour without dampening your mood.

The list includes New Delhi acoustic artist Dhruv Visvananth’s aptly titled instrumental “Rain,” Mumbai alt rockers Spud in the Box‘s sparkling “Institute of Madness” off their debut LP Lead Feet Paper Shoes and Shillong blues outfit Soulmate’s moody “Lazy Sunday.” We’ve also got punk rockers The Lightyears Explode’s poignant “Good Night” from their debut album The Revenge of Kalicharan, Mumbai electronica artist Sandunes’ sizzling track “Slybounce” featuring  Sohrab Nicholson on vocals as well as Kolkata rock band The Supersonics’ song of warmth, “Blotter” and more.  

Listen below:


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