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10 New K-dramas To Look Forward To

With an influx of fresh teasers and trailers, a spate of new K-dramas is set to air this month and next

Debashree Dutta Mar 14, 2022

Photo: Courtesy of HanCinema

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King of Pigs

The plot centers around memories of violence. When two friends reconnect and relate their school bullying experiences, a note from a long-lost pal arrives, and unexplained serial killings begin. While detective ‘Jeong Jongseok’ (Kim Seonggyu) struggles to decode the message to put an end to the murders, ‘Hwang Kyungmin”s (Kim Dongwook) memories of agony (from school violence) resurface. The drama investigates the causes of school violence and bullying that plague modern society. Yeon Sangho has directed The King of Pigs for TVING which is due for release on the 18th of March. The pig mask, on the teaser poster, is something to look forward to.


Lee Eunsoo (Han Sohee) is a lyricist, and Han Sunwoo (Park Hyungsik) is a novice photographer who is timid and reserved but warm-hearted, while Lee is honest, up-front, and has a cheerful, friendly demeanor. For decades, the two have been good friends. When Han and Lee start living together for some reason, their friendship gradually deepens and transitions into romance. This musical rom-com drama directed by Kim Heewon will stream on Disney+ from March 23rd.


Soo Hugh’s upcoming television series, Pachinko, is based on Min Jin Lee’s novel of the same name. Youn Yuhjeong, Lee Minho, Jin Ha, Kim Minha, and others star in the series, helmed by directors Kogonada and Justin Chon. On March 25th, Pachinko will make its Apple TV+ premiere. Its magnificent narrative, based on the New York Times bestseller, follows four generations of a Korean immigrant family as they leave their homeland in an unwavering quest to live and thrive. ‘Kim Sunja’ (Kim Minha as the teenage Sunja and Youn Yuhjeong as the elderly Sunja) grew up in Korea, during the Japanese occupation. She became pregnant after falling in love with ‘Koh Hansu’ (Lee Minho) but soon found out that Koh was married to another woman. At this juncture a church priest, Baek Isak (Steve Sunghyun Noh), came to her rescue by marrying her, and she migrated to Japan with him. There she gave birth to her child. Koreans living in Japan at the time faced numerous challenges as they were frequently greeted with ridicule and intolerance.

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Tomorrow, directed by Kim Taeyoon and Sung Chiwook, is based on a webtoon of the same name. ‘Choi Joonwoong’ (Ro Woon), a young job seeker who is unable to find work, encounters the ‘Black Angels’, the angels of death, ‘Gu Ryeon’ (Kim Heeseon) and ‘Im Ryonggu’ (Yoon Jion) from ‘Jumadeung’, a monopolistic corporation of the underworld that assists individuals in distress, particularly those who are suicidal. Choi becomes the group’s newest protector. The MBC drama is supposed to release on March 25th.

Juvenile Delinquency

Jung Sooyoon and Jo Yongik’s Juvenile Delinquency is about ‘Kyung Dajung’ (Won Jian), a teen who is forced to sell drugs by her parents. Something goes awry one day while attempting to make a delivery. She hides in the countryside, where she encounters other teenagers like ‘Gong Yoontak’ (Yoon Chanyoung), ‘Gong Yoonjae’ (Yoon Hyunsoo), ‘Kim Kookhee’ (Han Sejin), and ‘Hong Aeran’ (Yang Saehyun), as well as a hemp field. Gong Yoontak who leads an ordinary life with his father and two younger siblings gets embroiled in several events due to Kyung. The Seezn original will air on March 25th.

My Liberation Notes

My Liberation Notes, a tale about three siblings and a stranger starring Lee Minki, Kim Jiwon, Son Seokkoo, and Lee El, is slated to premiere on JTBC on April 9th. ‘Yeom Changhee’ (Lee Minki), the middle child, wishes to flee his family’s home in Sanpo Village; he lacks a dream and leads a meaningless existence. ‘Yeom Mijung’ (Kim Jiwon), the youngest, seeks liberation from her mundane life, but she is shy, hesitant, lonely, and dissatisfied. ‘Yeom Kijung’ (Lee El), the oldest, has a fiery temper, always complaining. However deep inside, she craves love. One day ‘Mr. Goo’ (Son Sukku), a mystery man, emerges in Sanpo Village out of nowhere.

Our Blues

Our Blues, coming soon on tvN is an omnibus drama that captures residents of the scenic island of Jeju in their daily lives. The production is a magnum opus, with Shin Minah and Lee Byunghun reuniting onscreen after a long time, as well as Kim Woobin, who returns to the small screen (after Uncontrollably Fond with Bae Suzy) alongside other excellent actors. tvN’s Our Blues, directed by Kim Kyutae and written by Noh Heekyung, will premiere on April 9th.

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Shooting Star

The romantic comedy Shooting Star depicts the true story of people who give their all to make celebrities shine. An insight into the joys and sufferings of people working in the entertainment sector, like managers, public relations staff, and reporters. ‘Gong Taeseong’ (Kim Youngdae) is a star, a heartthrob with the best image. ‘Human Integrity,’ however, has a different side. Gong is hot-tempered with an extreme drive to win. On the other hand, ‘Oh Hanbyeol’ (Lee Seongkyung) is an excellent PR team leader. Oh, and Gong is mostly at loggerheads with each other, but their relationship evolves romantically between spells of conflict and arguments. The tvN drama will be released on the 22nd of April.

493km for You

This sports romance drama, written by Heo Seonghye and directed by Jo Woong, is about the enthusiasm and love shared by the players within a badminton team. ‘Park Taeyang’ (Park Juhyun), a former badminton player, was forced to retire due to an accident. Three years later, she decides to pick up the game again and joins the badminton team. ‘Park Taejoon’ (Chae Jonghyeop) another player considers the sport to be merely a job. He joins the same squad as Park Taejoon after being ousted by the city hall team. The KBS2 drama will premiere next month.

Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area

The South Korean TV adaptation of the Spanish heist crime drama La Casa de Papel will feature Yoo Jitae, Park Haesoo, Jeon Jongseo, Lee Wonjong, and Park Myunghoon in lead roles. The Netflix original Korean series is directed by Kim Hongsun and written by Ryu Yongjae. It highlights a heist on the Korean Peninsula with a mysterious criminal mastermind (‘Professor’) who gathers a competent band of outlaws to carry out the heist of unparalleled dimensions. The series is expected to be available for streaming soon.

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