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10 Songs To Get You Through The Summer

Here are tracks to jam with, cry, sing and dance to all summer

Jessica Xalxo May 16, 2019

This list offers the best in indie rap, hip-hop, R&B, soul, pop, EDM, funk and more

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Is the summer heat getting to you? Let our playlist take you on a journey — whether you’re going on vacation or not. This list offers the best in indie rap, hip-hop, R&B, soul, pop, EDM, funk and more. Listen below.

  1. “Heaven” by Shan Vincent De Paul feat. Navz4

Canada-based Sri Lankan hip-hop artist Shan Vincent De Paul teams up with Tamil rapper Navz47 on “Heaven,” a song that celebrates and sings about the struggle of the Tamil identity. De Paul’s voice is the calm to the heat and energy that is Navz47’s strong rap and vocals, for which she sets the stage in the intro itself. The two artists will take you on a journey of discovery — whether you speak Tamil or not. Strong synth stabs punctuate the end of the chorus while native sounds flare up and flourish intermittently during “Heaven,” lending it a sound that is both rich and reminiscent.

  1. “Garden” by Ditty

Ah, Ditty. The Goa-based ecologist’s “Garden” is an acoustic heaven of rhythm. It will take you back to the blur of speeding tires on black asphalt and dirt roads, and a grin meeting the warmth of the sun. It’s a beautiful song that charts how every negative can be counteracted with a positive. It is sure to chase away the summer blues (if any) and if you listen closely, you might even hear the gentle gush of rain in the background.

  1. “Dhoond Le” by Naezy

“Dhoond Le” by Mumbai hip-hop artist Naezy is a particular upbeat track, offering a strong contrast to his other hits which feature more pensive tunes. The flute flows emphasizes Neaezy’s spitfire vocals and the catchy beat of the track. The rapper coaxes listeners into following their dreams and finding their purpose. This song will definitely have you moving if not making the most of the time that the summer provides for personal growth.

  1. “Nervous System” by Karshni
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Pune/Mumbai singer-songwriter Karshni’s “Nervous System” is an acoustic ode to the self-alienated. Karshni’s voice gracefully envelops the steady strum and rhythm of the guitar as she croons about navigating the shifting waters of a relationship. The musician wonders about the questions that love gives rise to and the answers that slip away. The lyrics reflect a recession of self-esteem as the song progresses but Karshni’s passion remains laced with the sound as her frustration pours into the mounting bridge of the song. “Nervous System” echoes the insecurities that we tend to find ourselves surrounded by. It’s the song you need to hear when you feel all alone — or when your friends cancel on you at the last possible moment.

  1. “Never Gonna Give It To You” by Emenes

Why is Emenes’ “Never Gonna Give It To You” on this list? Because the track is so damn fun. The New Delhi electro-funk duo comprising of Mukul Jiwnani and Shenjit Basu push the ante when it comes to experimenting in music, creating a groovy pop single that will have you tapping your feet. It features a layering of instrumentals with the wah pedal, electric guitar and drums emerging as the distinctive sounds on the track. Listening to “Never Gonna Give It To You” is an experience and just the break you need.

  1. “Yellow Lights” by Natania

Los Angeles-based Indian singer-songwriter Natania Lalwani’s music can be described as the thoughts of the girl next door. On “Yellow Lights,” Lalwani’s saccharine vocals mix with synth and bass to deliver a smooth track. The electro-pop single is as catchy as it is relatable. It might also remind you of summer crushes from the present and past. The takeaway? Take the green light and speed away to the next experience.

  1. “Tinka” by Bharat Chauhan
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New Delhi singer-songwriter Bharat Chauhan’s Hindi folk tune “Tinka” is a song to close your eyes and listen to. It’s a track of reinvention and discovery. Chauhan’s voice and the rhythm of his guitar reverberate, as if coming from afar, and the song feels like a journey.

  1. “Saans Le” by Seedhe Maut feat. Sez On The Beat

“Saans Le” has a simple message — chill, find stillness and gather your strength. The hip-hop track by New Delhi duo Seedhe Maut featuring producer Sez On The Beat is a downtempo offering and is a takeaway from the pair’s usually energetic tunes. It’s the perfect song to unwind to in the summer.

  1. “Hello” by Parekh & Singh

Kolkata dream-pop duo Parekh & Singh’s “Hello” is a love song about the unspoken. The synth-heavy, ambient track from their recently released second album Science City is an airy respite while the balmy vocals act as a siren call to keep you engaged. The ambient aspect of the song creates an out-of-body experience for listeners and is sure to leave you in a daydream.

  1. “Summer” by Ramya Pothuri  

Mumbai singer-songwriter Ramya Pothuri’s latest single “Summer” just had to make it to this list going by its title. The song is serene and soulful and blends wistfulness with reality, and echoes that encapsulate Pothuri’s heavenly vocals. The R&B song is a haunting track of longing and holding on to a feeling you don’t want to let go of.

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