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1833 AD To Play at Rolling Stone Metal Awards

The Delhi black metal band, who are also nominated in six categories at RSMA, will play their third Mumbai gig

Rolling Stone India Jun 07, 2013
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Delhi black metallers 1833 AD. Photo:Shrey Kathuria

Delhi black metallers 1833 AD. Photo:Shrey Kathuria

Formed in 2005, Delhi black metal band 1833 AD is now one of the best-known acts in the country. They make their way back to Mumbai for the third time, playing at the Rolling Stone Metal Awards on June 23rd at Blue Frog, Mumbai.

In its fourth year now, the Rolling Stone Metal Awards is as much about the performances as it is about the awards ceremony. Bassist Sushmit Mazumdar agrees, “As clichéd as it sounds, it’s not about winning the awards, it’s about being appreciated and it’s about playing [in Mumbai].” 1833 AD, nominated for their album My Dark Symphony, last played in Mumbai in 2011, at B69’s Black Metal Krieg show. More recently, the band played alongside melodic metal band Acrid Semblance at Blue Frog, Delhi, which Mazumdar describes as one of their best shows. “That’s why I’m looking forward to the Blue Frog in Mumbai. Plus, we’ll connect to a wider audience and not just black metal fans,” says Mazumdar.

For their gig at RSMA 2013, 1833 AD will play songs from their debut album My Dark Symphony including “Wiser Than The Wisest” and  “Sephiroth’s Curse,” a song they have never performed live. “The track ”˜Sephiroth’s Curse’ has two vocalists, and I’m trying to get a guest vocalist in Mumbai to join us for the song,” says Mazumdar.

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Watch this space for the two other bands on the RSMA 2013 lineup. Voting for popular choice categories of Best Band, Best Song and Best Album are still open.

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