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2am Make a Soul-Stirring Comeback After Seven Years

The ‘ballad idol’ stars celebrate their return to the scene with two new music videos and an EP, ‘Ballad 21 F/W’

Divyansha Dongre Nov 01, 2021
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After seven years of hiatus, veteran K-pop group 2am return to the stage with their brand-new EP, Ballad 21 F/W.

Accompanied by two singles– “No Good In Good-Bye” and “Should’ve Known”– the latest release is a soothing balm to the aching heart the group explore longing, heartache and sadness via a cinematic laid out storyline. Starring 2PM’s Lee Junho and actress Kim So Hyun, the music videos focus on two specific moments in a couple’s life: the first one being the very second they decided to part ways, and the second exploring the aftermath of the breakup.

Produced by JYP Entertainment’s founder J.Y Park, “No Good in Good-Bye” is a stirring power ballad expressing the magnitude of complex emotions one experiences upon finding out the untimely fate of their relationship. The follow-up single, “Should’ve Know” (produced by HYBE’s Chairman and BTS’ creator, Bang Si-Hyuk) explores the aftermath of the split up through a poignant lyrical display of sorrow, regret and vulnerability; “After sending you away/ I’m crying like this/ After crying/ I guess I know what’s precious/ It’s only now/ Regretful me seems like a fool but/ can’t we turn back time just once?”

The releases are carefully curated around a couple with the emotional quotient of the tracks heightened by a melancholic, soothing melody, embodying 2am’s soulful vocal performance. The cinematic music videos create an immersive viewing experience keeping the audience hooked as they watch the two protagonists cope with pain and grief.

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2am’s EP, Ballad 21 F/W, comes out nearly seven years after their 2014 album Let’s Talk. Featuring the lead singles “No Good In Good-Bye” and “Should’ve Known,” the five-track project contains three additional releases, “I Can’t,” “Always Me,” and “Propose.”

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