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4 Upcoming Korean Movies You Need to Watch

Korean films often are of exceptional quality. They are thoughtfully made, well scripted, well-executed and rarely fail to entertain the audience. Following are a few upcoming Korean movies you shouldn’t miss.

Debashree Dutta Jan 10, 2022
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Special Delivery

Special Delivery is the story of Jang Eungha, played by Park Sodam, who delivers everything that the post office service will not. She works in a junkyard and is brave, fearless, handling unusual deliveries with a 100 percent success rate. One day as Jang is on her way to pick up a passenger involved in illegal gambling, she finds his son, Seo Won (Jung Hyunjoon), at the pick-up point instead. As she picks him up, they are chased by Jo Kyeongpil, a corrupt police official and gang lord. He is the mastermind behind the gambling ring and wants to get hold of Seo Won, as only he knows the security key to a bank account holding 30 million dollars. What begins is a cat-and-mouse chase where Jang attempts to save the child. The theatrical release is due on January 12th, 2022. As per reports, Special Delivery has already bagged an invitation to the 51st International Film Festival Rotterdam.

The Pirates 2

Sequel to the superhit The Pirates, The Pirates 2, will premiere in 2022. Bandit leader Woo Moochi (Kang Haneul) teams up with pirate captain Hae Rang (Han Hyojoo) in quest of the lost treasure of the Goryo royal family which disappeared without leaving a trace when it was taken over by the Joseon family. The treasure hunt will be joined by Kang Seop (Kim Sungoh), Mak Yi (Lee Kwangsoo), So Nyeo (Chae Soobin), Han Goong (Sehun), and Akwi (Park Jihwan). EXO member Sehun’s look in the period film has already caused a stir on the Internet and fans can’t wait to see the rapper and dancer on the big screen. The film is a complete package of action, comedy, and romance.

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The Roundup – The Outlaws 2

‘Beast cop’ Ma Seokdo– played by Korean-American actor Don Lee– is back, and his police station’s ‘violent crimes squad’ are set to dive into a fight of a lifetime. The plot follows Ma’s in search of a suspect and his journey to a foreign country to extradite the criminal. On arrival, he learns about a series of murders by a vicious killer who has been on a crime spree for several years, specifically targeting tourists. The action movie’s cast includes Park Jihwan, Heo Dongwon, Ha Jun, Choi Gwihwa, Jeong Jaekwang, Suk Ku, and Eum Moonsuk.


Kingmaker, slated to release this year, outlines a politician’s dream of creating a new world with the help of a brilliant campaign strategist. The film will see Sol Kyungu, lee Sungyun, Yoo Jaemyeong, Jo Woojin, Park Inhwan, Lee Haeyoung, Kim Sungoh, Jun Baesoo, Seo Eunsoo, Kim Jongsoo, Yoon Kyungho and Kim Saebyuk in major roles. As per the Korean Film Council, in this film, ‘Seo Changdae takes part in Kim Woonbum’s political campaign. To resist the current dictatorial ruling party, Seo adopts a very aggressive propaganda campaign and it makes Kim become the strongest candidate in the opposition party.’ What follows is a conflict of ethics and goals, set against a background of political strategy.

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