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5 Concerts You Can Catch In Your Living Room

Here’s our pick of music films on Netflix India that’ll make your day

Utsav Kotrial Sep 10, 2018

a still from Hans Zimmer: Live In Prague

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Nothing compares to live music, but impeccably presented recordings definitely do the trick sometimes. So whether you’re looking to unwind after a long day, or have an exhilarating cathartic experience, we’ve got just the tunes for you. If you’re a Netflix India subscriber, here’s five amazing concert films you can enjoy in the comfort of your home.

Hans Zimmer: Live In Prague

German composer Hans Zimmer’s long and versatile career has resulted in some of cinema’s most powerful original soundtracks, from The Lion King to The Dark Knight. This concert film chronicles his universally-acclaimed European Tour, where he is supported by 72 musicians including a full choir, symphony orchestra, and a hand-picked backing band featuring Johnny Marr of The Smiths. Taking place at the O2 Arena in the Czech capital, be prepared for state of the art audiovisuals and a stunning light show to accompany the magnificent scores.

Justin Timberlake + the Tennessee Kids

This concert film, directed by American writer-director Jonathan Demme, follows pop sensation Justin Timberlake on the final few nights of his 20/20 Experience Tour in Las Vegas. A tightly edited and unexpectedly joyful experience, Justin Timberlake + the Tennessee Kids is the perfect pick-me-up, showcasing Timberlake’s brand of funky pop along with the talent and inner lives of his supporting musical crew. The Tennessee Kids is the name for Timberlake’s touring band that also consists of his fans. Instead of relegating them to the background, we learn their names, hometowns and the instruments they play. When the performances begin, the familiarity makes it much more satisfying to watch them perform exuberant pop music together.

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One Heart: The A.R. Rahman Concert Film

One Heart is an A.R. Rahman concert film, focussing on the Indian composer’s tour of 14 American cities in 2015. It is a 90-minute musical extravaganza featuring a set list of 15 of his most popular songs, punctuated by interviews about his process and struggles. The songs, including Bollywood chartbusters, are given a unique spin to make them seem more playful and fit to play for a large, enthusiastic crowd. The show swaps out elaborate orchestral arrangements for a mix of electronic and acoustic elements. Everything from jazz to rock has an influence on these interpretations, and the carefully chosen 10-member team brings its own quirks.

Barbra: The Concert

 Barbra: The Concert presents recordings of American singer-songwriter Barbra Streisand’s 1994 concert tour at Madison Square Garden in her hometown of New York City. A solid introduction to her music for newcomers, and an absolute treat for fans, this two-hour special finds Streisand crooning her greatest hits after avoiding live performances for years. The set list is phenomenal, opening with the soulful “As If We Never Said Goodbye” and closing with the grandeur of “Somewhere.” Streisand never lets it become a fully traditional concert, maintaining an idiosyncratic mood by opening up to the audience in between songs, with insightful and funny monologues covering therapy, the music industry, and her relationship with her family, that taper off towards the second half.

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Michael Jackson: This Is It

This Is It is the king of pop’s swan song. It wasn’t intended to be, as the footage was meant for Michael Jackson’s personal library, shot during rehearsals for his gargantuan comeback tour in 2009. Unfortunately, he passed away before he could depart for London, where he was to perform 50 shows. The film is filled with fascinating backstage moments and interviews, which never overshadow the music itself. We get to witness Jackson at both intimate and extravagant moments, supported by a team of unbelievably athletic dancers from all around the world. You’ll get to hear updated versions of beloved tracks: everything from “The Way You Make Me Feel” to “Thriller,” and when you’re not marvelling at his voice, the dances and set design will get you.

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